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Matthew Baker, Recruiting Specialist at NCSA

Matthew Baker, Recruiting Specialist

Inter-American University

I played competitive sports most of my life, some highlights are I walked on a Semi-Pro Football team, and I was an amateur boxer. After college, I did play on two Championship teams in Flag Football and played recently on a softball team. Athletics are a part of my core and am genuinely passionate about how rewarding it is.

I enjoy helping others, as I was a First Responder that helped disaster victims. Now as my journey continues I joined NCSA as a recruiting specialist to assist families and student-athletes find the right collegiate fit based on the criteria they provide. My hopes are to help thousands of families through the important process of going off to college.

I spent most of my career in the fitness industry where I started as a membership adviser to ultimately managed all of California and Hawaii for a fortune 500 company. I then went on to own my own business which was rated the #2 gym in the nation by Huffington Post.

I now reside near Cincinnati Ohio, and in California. I love to travel with my wife and new son as much as possible.