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Michael Dunlevy, Director of Regional Recruiting at NCSA

Michael Dunlevy, Director of Regional Recruiting

Otterbein University
[email protected]
(312) 429-4739

I am a former College Coach that has coached at every NCAA Division level for 30 years. I coached at The Ohio State University, The University of Toledo & was the Head Coach at Averett University for 12 years were I won Coach of the Year honors in 2003. I played College Football for 4 years & was a captain my senior year. I have held much athletic administration position throughout my career. I had the opportunity to serve on the NCAA Division III National Championship Selection Committee 2012-2013.
I am very passionate about helping educate athletes & families on the college recruiting process. I know how important t is for a student-athlete to get their college degree & wanted to help them develop that path where they can use their athletic & academic ability to have helped finance that degree through scholarships. I came to NCSA because I used them & trusted them as a former college coach.