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Michelle Rutledge, Recruiting Specialist at NCSA

Michelle Rutledge, Recruiting Specialist

Sheridan College
[email protected]
(312) 690-6334

Being a college athlete myself, taught me many life lessons: Discipline, competitiveness, leadership, strong work ethic and resilience! All of these, I carry into my daily life as a mother of 3 college athletes and as a recruiting specialist with NCSA! Life before NCSA consisted of many hats: Realtor, marketing executive and private chef. I have 3 children who have all gone on to play at the next level: Daughter played volleyball, my oldest son plays football and my youngest just accepted a scholarship for basketball! It has been such an incredible journey!

What I absolutely love about working for NCSA is that now I can help families, like myself, with children going through the recruiting process. It is not easy, it is overwhelming, and things are constantly changing so we are able to lay out a system that works, that everyone can understand and see the value of what we do.

Knowing that I can help families just like mine (we are NCSA clients) navigate this often confusing, unknown territory is extremely rewarding. Connecting with families all over the country, and explaining the process, showing the multitude of opportunities their student athlete can have to play at the next level is reward enough! When you can help a student athlete fulfill their dream of playing in college, it doesn’t get much better than that!