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Mitch Hildebrandt, Recruiting Coach at NCSA

Mitch Hildebrandt, Recruiting Coach

Oakland University
[email protected]
(312) 429-4647

I am a retired professional soccer player with a seven year career in the NASL, USL and MLS. I retired after winning the MLS cup with Atlanta United. After playing, I became a coach for Sporting Kansas City.

Before becoming a professional, I had a five year career at Oakland University which is a Division I school in Michigan. Beside being where I met my wife, it was at Oakland where I truly developed both athletically and personally in order to progress and perform at the next level.

Choosing a school based on my wants and needs was what set the stage for many aspects of my life moving forward. Thats why I came to NCSA. As a recruiting coach, I look forward to working with young soccer players and helping them determine the best path to take. Using my experiences at various levels, I am excited to be a resource for young athletes!

I reside in North Carolina with my wife Amber who is a college volleyball coach, along with our two dogs.