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Paul Adrian, VP of Recruiting at NCSA

Paul Adrian, VP of Recruiting

Wake Forest University
[email protected]
(312) 610-6180

I have worked at NCSA since 2008. I am extremely passionate about helping families guide their way through the recruiting process. Over the years, I have seen NCSA adapt and change and could not be more proud of being part of an organization that truly makes a profound difference in the lives of the families we work with.

I am originally from Oak Brook, Illinois, where I grew up playing almost every sport. In high school, I played baseball, tennis, golf, and because of a love of horses, everything equestrian. I attended Wake Forest University in North Carolina. After graduation, I immersed myself into the equestrian world and played polo for over 15 years.  As a ranked player, I could travel throughout the world and play in many international events, often times representing the USA at tournaments around the world. Love for sport and competition kept me occupied for that period of my life.

I came to NCSA to make a difference in the lives of student-athletes.  What has happened is that by helping an athlete understand the recruiting process and helping them identify the right fit where they can get the education that they are seeking, at the same time play the sport that they love and on top of that helping them leverage academics and athletics to help pay for their education, this does much more than make a difference in the athlete’s life; it impacts the entire family. For me, that’s making a huge impact and leaving your mark.

Since starting with NCSA, I have been able to help thousands of families and assist them in achieving their dream of becoming college athletes.

I enjoy all sports and events. I still play golf; I travel and riding my Elliptigo (you will have to Google it) on the lakefront of Chicago; and I spend time with my amazing wife of 25 years and two children.