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Ross Newkirk, Recruiting Coach at NCSA

Ross Newkirk, Recruiting Coach

Sacred Heart University
[email protected]
(312) 429-4794

I grew up in a historic high school football town, but not a recruiting town. The area was not considered a “priority” for university and college coaches. Resources like NCSA were not available at the time, and I remember the process being overwhelming and even frustrating. I learned many lessons the hard way doing it alone, so I share my story to help others today. I ultimately made my way through and found some success but, in looking back, I wish I had a mentor to guide and help me. Someone to tell me what I needed to hear and not just what I wanted to hear. I know I would have made smarter, and likely better, choices. My personal high school recruiting experience left the foundation of what drives my passion today to help mentor others to reach their college goals and find the success they desire. As a head football recruiting coach at NCSA, I get to give back to the sport I love, make rewarding use of my expertise and pay it forward to the next generation(s) of student-athletes.