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Russell Nolen, Recruiting Specialist at NCSA

Russell Nolen, Recruiting Specialist

Samford University
[email protected]
(312) 638-4489

Why are you looking to play sports in College?  My story started like most athlete’s story want to play college football and baseball.  I was a good athlete but found my calling in the 7th grade when our coach asked if anyone could punt the ball.  So I stepped up and was the best of everyone who tried.  That was not saying much I only kicked it 30 yards but that day I decided that I wanted to be the punter and kicker for the Valley High Rams and that is what I did.  I was also the ace on the baseball team and played  basketball.

As a High School Athlete, I was overshadowed by three of the greatest athletes to come out of our high school.  Three 5 Star recruits and all three played in the NFL for many years.  I approached my coaches about playing at the college level, however, they did little to assist me in obtaining my goals and dreams.  I don’t think they did not want to help I do not think they knew how to help so I had two options try to find somewhere I can play or give up on my dreams.  The later was not an option so NCSA would have been an amazing tool for me.  I was lucky enough to find a school to play both football and baseball.  Samford University gave me that opportunity.  I was fortunate to play for some of the best coaches in college football Terry Bowden, Jeff Bowden, and Jimbo Fisher. 

I have also had the pleasure of coaching high school football and baseball for 6 years.  That experience gave me a different perspective in the college recruiting process.  We had many athletes come through the program that had the desire to play college sports.  However, I noticed that coaches have little influence on the recruiting process.  That is what drove me to NCSA.  I want to help players reach their goals and give them the tools and resources to make it happen.  Playing college football and baseball were two of the greatest joys in my life, with all of the awards: all conferences, player of the weeks, being awarded a full scholarship after my freshman season, none of this will give me the joy I will have in helping young athlete have the opportunity to play college sports.

Outside of work, my first choice is hanging with the family, my wife and 4 beautiful children, camping, hiking, playing cards or other board games and of course video games.  Other than that a day on a golf course, sporting event or watching sports is a great way to spend the afternoon or evening.