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Ryan Rodarte, Senior Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Ryan Rodarte, Senior Recruiting Coordinator

Governors State University
[email protected]
(312) 610-6076

My name is Ryan Rodarte, and I am a collegiate coordinator here at NCSA. I have a background in basketball, and played all throughout high school, but unfortunately did not play in college because my parents and I were uneducated with the process. I figured college coaches would notice me if I was good enough and thus I was not taking the right steps to get recognized. I ended up getting my bachelor’s degree in communications and, fortunately, landed a job here at NCSA. 

My favorite part about working at NCSA is that I can help families from making the same mistake that I did and/or help them progress in the recruitment process. It is comforting knowing that I am really making a difference with student-athletes and their families by maximizing their chance to achieve their dream at playing at the college level. If I knew back then what I know now, I may have had a better college experience. 

In my spare time, you can either catch me shooting hoops with buddies or traveling the country playing competitive paintball. Paintball was my hobby in high school, and I ended up getting fully sponsored to play on a professional team. They fly us around the country to compete in five tournaments a year for a grand total prize of $50,000. There are 15 other professional teams all competing for this prize. NCSA has given me the education and opportunity to be able to help change the lives of student-athletes and travel the world.