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Tracey  Gleason, VP of Human Resources at NCSA

Tracey Gleason, VP of Human Resources

[email protected]
(312) 624-7414

I joined the Human Resources team at NCSA in the fall of 2016, but my story is admittedly different from most of my teammates here. I attended the University of Notre Dame and am a life-long sports fan, but I did not play high school or college sports, electing to focus more on academics and community service (plus, I’m a terrible athlete!). Nevertheless, the Team First mentality runs deep at NCSA, and I’ve felt as though I’m a part of a team and the overall mission since day one.

Each day presents a new challenge at NCSA, and no two days are the same. Our teammates are second to none, and I can truly say my HR teammates are some of the best people, professionally and personally, I’ve ever had the pleasure with whom to work. This is truly a place to grow, to be challenged, to learn from mistakes, and to experience success in unanticipated ways.