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William Mucha, Recruiting Specialist at NCSA

William Mucha, Recruiting Specialist

West Virginia University
[email protected]
(312) 429-4719

I have been a lifelong athlete with a competitive team spirit and mental mindset to carpe diem!

As a captain for many years on my soccer team, I led my team to the Euro-Cup on the men’s youth U-16 U.S. National team and further had the opportunity to coach alongside Jill Ellis, Women’s U.S. National World Cup team. As a WVU collegiate rower, I captained our 8-man shell to several gold medal rowing competitions in the U.S.

As an NCSA recruiting specialist, I am honored to have the opportunity to provide families and the student athlete the #1 used College Coach recruiting platform. It is a passion of mine to support families and athletes to reach their next level in the collegiate recruitment process.

I view my role as a recruiting specialist as very similar to being the intricate part of a college coach’s team. The coach works with the athletes to establish a game plan based on the athlete’s talents to ultimately win the game! It is my goal as a recruiting specialist to ensure the same for the student athlete to obtain a one-on-one personal coach with a designed actionable game plan that allows for a student athlete to be recruitable.

When I am not working with families and athletes, I continue my physical fitness journey in a local gym in San Francisco, CA. As a Washington, D.C. born native, I remain faithful to the D.C. professional teams, and I always look forward to viewing my home city team of San Francisco hosting my Washington, D.C. teams. And if it’s Sunday- It’s Game Day!