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Baseball Camp

What can a baseball camp do for me?

A sports camp is a tremendous opportunity, and a baseball camp provides several great benefits for those who play this diamond sport. “Are there any baseball camps near me?” That’s a question that many high school baseball players ask, and, fortunately, the answer is usually, “Yes.” Most colleges sponsor a baseball camp while other types such as Little League baseball camps are regularly held too. Another example is baseball showcases, which provide opportunities to showcase your skills to coaches and others in attendance.

A baseball camp offers the ability to improve your play as well as your visibility. These baseball clinics can last from a few hours to several days; the latter is the case for an overnight baseball camp. Ones held on college campuses such as the Stanford baseball camp and the Duke baseball camp provide opportunities to experience college baseball as intimately as possible before actually joining a team. Of course, there’s so much more to NCAA D1 baseball then being at a camp hosted by Clemson baseball or Duke baseball, but the experience at one there can be quite informative.

The format of these youth baseball camps varies. Most baseball clinics focus on enhancing the fundamentals. That type of camp will often include a considerable amount of batting practice on fields and in batting cages, how to make the most out of soft toss drills and how to improve things like hitting the cutoff man. Conversely, some camps for high school players will involve a significant amount of time on the mental aspect of the sport and take a more holistic view. How to set and reach goals may be an aspect of this type of baseball camp.

Why go to a baseball camp?

Some will attend baseball camps simply to further enjoy the sport with an eye towards leisure and enjoyment and less towards using it as a serious learning or recruiting-related experience. Others will take part in this type of sports camp with the hopes that it will help them ultimately succeed on an NCAA baseball top 25 team. Make sure to fully research each camp that you’re considering so that you can ensure that you receive the experience that you’re looking for.

Baseball camps near me: Are there any?

In most cases, there will be a baseball camp near you. One of the best things that you can to research if this is true is to see if a local college baseball team is hosting one. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself by distance. This is especially true if you’re thinking of playing for a school that is not nearby. Consider a trip there. Also, many families combine a family vacation with a baseball camp. Are you already traveling to the Sunshine State? See if there are any baseball camps in Florida that would fit your interests.

Baseball camp types

Several types of camps are available for a variety of skill levels, age ranges and focus types:

What can a baseball camp do for me?

When are baseball camps held?

Youth baseball camps are held throughout the year. Of course, you are not apt to find Midwest Ohio baseball camps in the winter, but you should have little trouble finding winter baseball camps in Florida. Regardless, a summer camp is your best option in many cases. That’s because a college team can more easily host a summer baseball camp than one at another time of the year as it’s the offseason for the squad and outside of the school year. However, if a fall, winter or spring baseball camp is preferred by you, rest assured that those are available in significant numbers as well.

Baseball showcases and combines

Baseball showcases are events that are designed for those with NCAA D1 baseball aspirations. When you attend one of these, your play will be viewed by recruiters from, in many cases, NCAA baseball top 25 programs. Note that some of these showcases are invite-only and may require you applying to take part. Also consider that some baseball camps for high school players will feature a showcase option that can be taken advantage of by those looking for baseball scholarships.

Conversely, a baseball combine focuses more on your specific athletic attributes, not so much your gameplay skills. For example, a baseball combine will often involve you doing things such as having your throwing speed and accuracy be recorded or timing your run from home plate around the bases. Recruiters will generally not attend these but will have access to the information.

Great baseball camp programs

Of course, a list of baseball camps would be an extensive one. However, here is a selection of some of the top ones.

The Clemson baseball team is a regular on the national scene. The Tigers have advanced to the NCAA Tournament every season since 2009 and have claimed three ACC titles in that time span. Clemson won the ACC Tournament in 2016 and that league’s regular-season title in 2016 and 2018. Those looking to learn from Clemson baseball coaches have a variety of Clemson baseball camps to choose from. Some of the past offerings have included the opportunity to engage in a half day camp, an overnight baseball camp and a father/son camp.

The Duke baseball program has been on the rise over the last few years as NCAA Tournament appearances in 2016, 2018 and 2019 were the team’s first since 1961. Those looking to learn from the Duke baseball coaching staff that helped lead this resurgence can do so thanks to several Duke baseball camp options. The Duke baseball program also hosts a father and son camp in addition to an elite camp, games camp and kids academy.

An example of a fall baseball camp is the one that Valdosta State offers. This D2 baseball program has had quite a bit of success, qualifying for the NCAA D2 Tournament for the 20th time in 2019. This college baseball camp usually features pro-style combine workouts, throwing, fielding and batting evaluations and an information session.

One of the powerhouse baseball programs on the West Coast is Stanford’s. It’s qualified for the NCAA Tournament from 2017-19 and has 34 postseason appearances to its credit. It also won national titles in 1987 and 1988. Participating in the Stanford baseball camp will allow you to learn from this coaching staff and take part in one of the most historic camp offerings in the country. Its 2020 baseball camps will be the program’s 50th consecutive.

What can a baseball camp do for me?

Does the NCAA sponsor baseball camps?

The NCAA does not sponsor baseball camps. The majority of its schools do, but not the NCAA itself. This organization instead focuses on overseeing NCAA Tournaments and passing and enforcing rules in 90 sports and for 1,250 colleges. Included amongst those are all of the D1, D2 and D3 baseball schools. The organization does, however, ensure that all camps operated by college teams are open to all entrants other than necessary limitations on the number of participants or on their gender, age or grade level.

Can a camp get me a scholarship?

Participating in a baseball summer camp can help you earn one of the baseball scholarships that are offered to high school seniors every year. This can be done more directly by impressing the coaches there or it can be done indirectly by using the skills learned there to improve your game elsewhere. However, it’s important to note that coaches will generally have their focus split in several different directions at this time as baseball camps for high school players are time-intensive events for them. Focus on soaking up as much information as possible and performing as best as you can.

In order to ultimately be offered a baseball scholarship, you’ll need to be able to present the complete package. Of course, numbers are great and are most apt to cause you to stand out from the rest, but you should also be bringing it in the classroom and as a teammate. You want to show that you’re ready for college coursework and that you can get the most out of your teammates as well as out of yourself.

Do note that receiving an invite to a baseball summer camp has no bearing on whether or not that program is interested in recruiting you to join its program as a player. The primary intent of a baseball camp is to improve the playing ability of all participants, not to assess the quality of prospects.

Position specific baseball camps

A baseball camp can also focus on specific positions. Some examples include:

A position specific baseball camp can provide just the focus that you need to improve that key element in your game and possibly make the difference between being offered a baseball scholarship or not. For example, you might learn something at a catching camp that’ll allow you to get that ball off to second just fast enough to put you in the elite category.

Sponsor camps

Not every baseball summer camp is a college baseball camp run that is organized by a university. Here are three of the most popular sponsor camps:

Many of these are open to all, but some are invite-only and intended for top prospects. These baseball camps, both open and invite-only, are also quite often held outside of the busy baseball summer camp season, providing prospective college players with more options.

Consider that elite baseball camps have often helped players earn an extra hit in every stretch of 10 at-bats or a valuable second rounding the bases or chasing down fly balls. Although those types of improvements are unlikely to directly result from one camp, something learned there can set the ball rolling.

If you’ll be attending a camp that’s open to all, ensure that you attend one that best fits your skill level so that you’re not out of place on either end of the spectrum. As a result, you’ll learn more.

Baseball recruiting

Baseball players have been utilizing Next College Student Athlete’s services since that organization was founded in 2000. NCSA was the realization of a vision that founder Chris Krause had since he struggled through his own recruiting experience in the 1980s before ultimately finding his fit at Vanderbilt. He wanted to ensure that baseball players and athletes in other sports would have access to the guidance that he didn’t. As a result, NCSA athletes have been able to make more educated decisions and save time during this oftentimes confusing and overwhelming process.

Not only do NCSA staffers help high school student-athletes communicate with coaches, including guiding them on how to best reach out for the first time, but they also provide direct contacts. That’s because 35,000 coaches are in its network. They appreciate the ease that NCSA provides them as they also look for their own best fits: players who bring talent to a program and also fit into it mentally.

Over the years, NCSA has received numerous positive reviews from coaches, parents and student-athletes. It averages a Google Reviews score of 4.9. If you’d like to learn more about what NCSA has to offer you, fill out your free profile today to get started. Do give staff members a call at 866 495-5172 if you have any questions about that form or about what it can offer.

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