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Find Baseball Showcases and Stand Out to College Coaches

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Baseball showcases are important recruiting events for baseball players looking to compete at the college level. NCSA compiled a list of college baseball showcases across the country that can help you get recruited by college programs. To find baseball showcases near you, search NCSA’s comprehensive list below. Get answers to top questions about baseball showcases or search all baseball recruiting events here.

Find baseball showcases near you 

12 results
Florida Gulf Coast University
Calendar icon Dec 2, 2023 Dec 3, 2023
Fort Myers, FL
Ages / Grade Level: 9th – 12th
Division: NCAA D1
375 – $395
Baseball Factory
Calendar icon Dec 3, 2023 Dec 3, 2023
Windsor, WI
$249 – $349
Baseball Factory
Calendar icon Dec 3, 2023 Dec 3, 2023
Pensacola, FL
$249 – $349
Florida Southern College
Calendar icon Dec 9, 2023 Dec 9, 2023
Lakeland, FL
Ages / Grade Level: 9th – 12th
Division: NCAA D2
Montana State University – Billings
Calendar icon Dec 9, 2023 Dec 9, 2023
Billings, MT
Division: NCAA D2

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Top questions about baseball showcases 

What is a baseball showcase? 

Showcases are events that include a series of drills and gameplay that allow you to showcase your skillset. Showcases are different from camps, because they test the skills that you already have without the instruction that you can get at camps. 

How do baseball showcases work?

At a baseball showcase, players demonstrate a variety of skills like hitting and fielding while college coaches evaluate those in attendance. At the end of a baseball showcase, college coaches will walk away with a list of players they’d like to recruit.

Why should you attend a baseball showcase? 

Whether to attend a showcase or not depends on your recruiting goals. Showcases can be valuable if your goals are to: 

When researching showcases, athletes should look to see which coaches will be there. If you aren’t interested in any of the programs that will be present, don’t attend. If college coaches from programs on your list of top 25 schools, then it might be a good idea to register for the event. 

Can you get discovered at a baseball showcase? 

Showcases offer exposure to college coaches, but athletes usually don’t “get discovered” at showcases. These events are best for athletes who have already started talking to college coaches at their target schools.

To make the most out of a showcase, send introductory emails to college coaches beforehand. This way college coaches know who you are and that you’re interested in their program before attending a showcase. 

When should you start going to baseball showcases? 

Beginning sophomore year, you should attend local, less expensive showcases to get a feel for the format. You can also use these early showcases to see how you stack up against other high school players.  

As an upperclassman, you should already be in contact with college coaches at your target schools. Reach out to these programs to ask what showcases the coaches plan to attend. Focus on attending bigger showcases with access to a larger audience of college coaches, some of which should be on your target list. 

What happens at a baseball showcase?

At a typical baseball showcase, players will check in and receive a number or jersey to wear. This makes it easy for college coaches to identify and evaluate players throughout the day. Once the attending colleges are introduced, players will participate in a series of pro-style workouts, position specific drills and gameplay. You can expect to spend 8-10 hours on the field during a baseball showcase, with a break for lunch included.

Who attends baseball showcases? 

Showcases are hosted by private companies with an open invitation for any athlete who wishes to be evaluated by coaches, for a fee. A small number of showcases are invite-only. These showcases can be better than paid options because the athletes invited have the same high-level skillset. 

College coaches and recruiting scouts from across the country are invited to attend showcases. Generally, athletes who are interested in the college programs that are attending will register for the showcase. 

How can you stand out at a baseball showcase? 

  1. Show up on time. Be respectful of everyone’s time by arriving early. Arriving late shows a lack of accountability and coaches will notice. 
  1. Communicate effectively. College coaches want confident athletes who take the lead and communicate with their teammates. Don’t forget to follow up with coaches and scouts after the showcase to show your interest. 
  1. Be coachable. The most important skill that college coaches look for is coachability. Coachable athletes listen to instructors, take feedback with grace and support their teammates. 

Check out what skills college coaches look for in each position here

What are the best baseball showcases?

The best baseball showcases will provide athletes with quality training and exposure to college coaches. Here are some of the most prominent baseball showcases in the country:

What does it cost to attend a baseball showcase?

Baseball showcases can be very expensive, costing $300+ per player. If a showcase is out of your budget, send an email with a link to your highlight video to college coaches. This gives coaches a snapshot of your skillset. 

Are baseball showcases worth the money?

A baseball showcase is worth the money if you are ready for college coach exposure. This means you have varsity level experience and a solid highlight video. If you are attending a baseball showcase, you should be sure you want to play college baseball.  


Showcases are one of the best recruiting events for baseball players looking to compete at the college level. These events offer opportunities to gain exposure and get evaluated by college coaches from across the country. Don’t forget to reach out to college coaches after attending a showcase to continue building your recruiting relationship. 

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