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Baseball Combines: Are They Important for Recruiting?

baseball player at a combine

Baseball combines provide a way for you to collect verified stats. One of the best ways to improve your NCSA Recruiting Profile is to add verified stats. Not only is this something coaches look for, but it will also boost your profile in coach search results. NCSA has compiled a list of baseball combines. Use our list below to find baseball combines near you. Get answers to some common questions about baseball combines or search all baseball recruiting events here.

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After a combine, don’t forget to post your verified stats on your NCSA Recruiting Profile! Create a free profile today

Top 7 questions about baseball combines 

What are baseball combines?

Baseball combines help you get important, verified measurements like your height, weight, speed and batting power that college coaches look for in recruits. Combines measure height, weight, arm span, raw arm velocity, catcher pop times, pitching velocity, broad jump, 60-yard dash, and batted ball velocity.

What are the best baseball combines? 

Some of the best baseball combines are: 

Why should you attend a baseball combine? 

Combines allow you to measure your talent against the national leaderboard, as well as the event-specific leaderboard. Understanding where you rank against your peers can help you build a realistic list of target schools

Do college coaches attend combines? 

While combines serve their purpose in the recruiting process, they likely won’t help you gain exposure. Coaches generally don’t attend these events because they don’t include gameplay to evaluate. Instead, college coaches skip combines and put their recruiting budget towards attending showcases

How much do combines cost? 

Expect to pay anywhere from free to $200 per event to attend a combine. When searching for upcoming combines, you can find them locally and regionally. If you’re unsure whether to attend a combine, consult with your high school or club coach to figure out the best recruiting event to spend your money on.  

What should you do after a combine? 

There are 3 important steps to take once you complete a combine: 

  1. Collect your verified numbers 
  1. Add your updated combine numbers and measurements to your NCSA Recruiting Profile 
  1. Send an email to college coaches at programs you’re interested in to let them know you have updated your profile. Don’t forget to include your recruiting video

What is the MLB Draft Combine?  

The MLB Draft Combine gives top high school and college baseball prospects, who are eligible for the 2021 MLB Draft, the opportunity to boost their draft stock. Held at the USA Baseball National Training Complex in Cary, N.C., players will participate in a series of medical and performance assessments. During the event, players are selected to participate in a tournament featuring eight games, as well as PDP Performance Assessments and a pro-style showcase workout.  


Combines offer you the opportunity to collect verified stats, but these events don’t offer exposure to college coaches. Always remember to upload your new stats to your NCSA Recruiting Profile after participating in a combine. Don’t have one? 

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