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Nike Basketball Camp: Helping Players Reach Their Athletic Goals

Learn about Nike basketball camps at NCSA.

Nike is arguably the most visible sports brand on basketball courts across the nation. It’s easy to spot that trademark swoosh on everything from shoes and jerseys to headbands and socks. However, Nike also leaves a more direct mark on the athletes. Every year, thousands of young players participate in a Nike basketball camp.

By partnering with US Sports Camps and other youth athletics organizations, the brand has played a significant role in developing basketball talent. Nike basketball is all about providing opportunities for boys and girls from all walks of life. You’ll find Nike basketball camps in 39 states and many countries across the globe. These Nike sports camps run the gamut from youth programs for kids just learning basketball to showcases for experienced players looking to earn athletic scholarships.

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What Makes for a Good Nike Basketball Camp?

Like it or not, becoming a great athlete involves instituting much structure and hard work. Nike basketball camps are known for being very organized and always keeping attendees busy. While different instructors run the various Nike sports camps, they all exist for the betterment of the players involved. Partnerships with US Sports Camps enhances the players skill. They have overseen hundreds of programs for children ages 7-18.

The benefits of going to Nike basketball camps and other basketball camps can include:

How Many Attendees Are There at a Nike Basketball Camp?

Another important quality of a basketball camp is the coach-to-player ratio. It’s essential to have enough players for in-camp scrimmages, but too many attendees may dilute the amount of direct coaching. Nike estimates that roughly 20,000 campers attend its US Sports Camps-affiliated sessions each year. Most Nike basketball camps feature many instructors to match that level of participation.

The exact number of attendees will depend on the type of camp and several other factors. A typical youth development camp will have anywhere from 20 to 50 attendees. However, some larger camps may have closer to 100 players. Showcases and combines are a little different as there could be hundreds of scholarship hopefuls competing in tournaments and skills tests.

How Much Does a Nike Basketball Camp Cost?

The type of camp, number of instructors and level of facilities could all affect the cost of a Nike basketball program. Most day camps for ages 8-15 cost between $130 and $300. An elite Nike overnight basketball camps will be closer to $700, but this price includes a room and three meals a day. Nike’s Pro Player Camps will cost between $300 and $500. When calculating the cost of these camps, you should also think about transportation. Overnight and Pro Player Camps are in select locations, which may involve significant travel for out-of-state attendees.

Finding the Right Camp for Your Needs

The road to becoming a successful basketball player is never a solitary journey. Whether you want to earn a scholarship at a Power Five conference program or walk on at a D-III school, you’ll need to help along the way from other coaches, instructors, and teammates. That’s why it’s important to develop your skills at reputable basketball camps. With more than 130 camp locations, Nike basketball programs are often the most trusted option for players in many parts of the country.

Participation-wise, basketball is the most popular sport for American girls and boys (technically, it ties with football for boys). If you want to stand out and earn a basketball scholarship, you’ll need to become a well-rounded player. Only 3.4% of boys and 4% of girls who play high school hoops go on to earn NCAA basketball scholarships.

Beating the odds means putting in a lot of work and finding the right Nike sports camp for your needs. Start by defining your goals and considering your weaknesses. If you want to improve, choose a session at the appropriate skill level, so you feel challenged. The Nike basketball camp website is filled with details on each specific camp. All the camp pages have contact info if you wish to inquire about instructors or session itineraries.

Read about Nike basketball camps at NCSA.

Nike Basketball Development Camp

The starting point for most developing players is a Nike youth day camp. These typically run three to five days, lasting about six hours per session. Camp dates are generally scheduled to accommodate the local school year. The school year means that most programs are held during the summer. However, there are also camps scheduled for spring break and winter break.

A sample day will start with stretching, lectures and instructional stations before moving to skills contests and full-court games. Depending on the camp, instructors could accept a wide or narrow range of ages. Youth development camps usually start with player evaluation. Instructors will then split the campers up according to age and ability. Development-level drills often focus on passing, dribbling, footwork and general basketball IQ.

Nike Basketball Camp – For Boys and Girls

When kids are just starting at the sport, the development level for boys and girls is about equal. Most Nike basketball development camps are co-ed. Of course, prep leagues divide competition between boys’ and girls’ basketball. Nike accommodates this by also offering gender-specific camps for young players.

Nike boys basketball camps have instructional sessions that focus on the more physical aspects of the game. These drills may cover skills such as driving to the hole, rebounding and playing at a faster pace. At boys basketball camp, attendees will learn with players who they may eventually compete against in prep leagues.

While girls basketball can often be just as physical and fast, the game tends to involve more perimeter shooting and less above-the-rim action. That’s why Nike girls basketball camps focus on these nuances of the game. Attendees at a girls basketball camp will work with instructors who have experience playing and coaching in women’s leagues.

Find out about Nike basketball camps at NCSA.

Nike Overnight Basketball Camp

As players get more developed they may be ready to attend an overnight basketball camp. Overnight campers can expect to get a primer of the experience of playing basketball in college. They will stay in dormitories with fellow attendees of roughly the same age and wake up to a full eight hours of basketball training.

While an overnight program may be intimidating to a developing player, it could be an essential challenge that instills a life-long passion of the game. Attendees will meet new friends and experience the camaraderie that comes with athletics. These overnight Nike basketball summer camps are in various locations across 21 states.

Pro Player Nike Basketball Camp

For a developing player, getting instructions from a professional could be a life-long memory. A pro star could offer a unique perspective and inspire a young athlete to take his or her game to the next level. These are the main benefits of Nike’s Pro Player Camps, which bring current and former NBA, WNBA, college and overseas basketball players in to teach attendees.

Many Pro Player Camps affiliate with local NBA teams. During a typical session, the professionals will interact directly with attendees and lead instructional drills and scrimmages. The pros may also give some lectures and reveal some tips. At the end of the camp, attendees might have a chance to get autographs and team gear.

Nike Elite Basketball Camp

For players who have already become leaders on their school teams, the natural progression is to attend Nike’s elite hoops camps. These advanced-level camps are designed to give standout players the challenges they need. Some sessions are basketball clinics with 30 or fewer participants. Smaller group sizes give players more one-on-one time with coaches.

Instructors will help attendees hone the skills necessary to excel in high school competition and potentially impress college recruiters. Players may get more position-specific drills and strategy development. Since the other attendees will also be elite players, scrimmages will be even more competitive.

Get information about Nike basketball camps at NCSA.

Nike Combines and Showcases

Upperclassmen hoping to play college hoops may want to attend a basketball academy that will provide exposure to recruiters. One of the most renowned academies in the nation is the D1 Circuit Nike EYBL. Also known as the Elite Youth Basketball League, this camp features a showcase tournament with a combine.

Nike combines are skills competitions that let players show off their athletic abilities. These events usually feature timed/measured tests such as the vertical jump and full-court sprints. A Nike combine sign up is important because players will get verified stats that they can submit to recruiters.

Of course, coaches and recruiters will also want to see you in play in person. Basketball showcase camps, which are usually invite-only, give players the chance to impress coaches, get ranked by scouts and collect highlight video clips. Nike’s EYBL is a highly competitive showcase tournament with three sessions in April and May. This Nike all-American basketball camp culminates in the Peach Jam in July.

What Are Basketball Recruiters Looking For?

Every college program has different needs. If you shine in a role that a team lacks, you can expect more attention from its recruiters. However, Division I schools only get a precious 13 basketball scholarships per school year. Therefore, you should cast a wide net when looking for interesting programs.

You can put yourself at an advantage by getting your academics in order. Sure, coaches are looking for players with amazing on-court talent. However, they also want good teammates who can be leaders in the classroom as well as in the locker room.

Connecting With College Basketball Coaches

While college coaches spend much of the offseason hunting for new players, their resources for finding talent are limited. Prospective student-athletes will have a better chance of realizing their dreams if they are proactive about getting scholarship offers. NCSA College Recruiting helps with the process by connecting players with coaches. Since starting in 2000, more than 100,000 NCSA clients have reported commitments to college teams.

It’s important to remember that NCAA regulations dictate when and how often coaches can contact recruits. With its vast online network and helpful support staff, NCSA takes the mystery out of the recruiting process. Today, more than 35,000 coaches use the system to find their next student-athletes. NCSA is a valuable recruiting tool that helps both players and coaches.

Going After Your Dreams

When you join the NCSA network, you create a recruiting profile that will be viewed by interested parties. The profile, which is like an online athletic resume, can be updated with personal information, statistics, highlight videos and more. NCSA staff will also provide you with an objective recruiting assessment to find out where you stand. Once you’re set up, you’ll be more visible to college coaches looking to fill roster positions.

More than 90 percent of U.S. colleges with athletic programs have had at least one NCSA client on their rosters. If you want to realize your athletic scholarship dreams, it’s time to take control and make yourself stand out. The first step is to create a free recruiting profile with NCSA. Join today or call (866) 495-5172 with any questions.

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