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The Role of Basketball Showcases in the College Recruiting Process

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When it comes to recruiting events, basketball showcases kick it up a notch. This is your stage to show college coaches and recruiters what you can do on the court. Find opportunities to get evaluated at a showcase near you with our complete list below and get answers to the top questions about basketball showcases

Find men’s basketball showcases near you

15 results
West Coast Elite
Calendar icon Feb 24, 2024 Feb 24, 2024
Cerritos, CA
Ages / Grade Level: 8th – 12th
West Coast Elite
Calendar icon Mar 3, 2024 Mar 3, 2024
Seattle, WA
Ages / Grade Level: 5th – 8th
West Coast Elite
Calendar icon May 17, 2024 May 18, 2024
Orange County, CA
West Coast Elite
Calendar icon Jun 8, 2024 Jun 8, 2024
Honolulu, HI
Ages / Grade Level: 8th – 12th
West Coast Elite
Calendar icon Jul 9, 2024 Jul 9, 2024
Orange County, CA
Ages / Grade Level: 8th – 12th

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Top questions about men’s basketball showcases 

What is a showcase in basketball?

A showcase in basketball is an important recruiting event for high school athletes to attend. High-level players are given the opportunity to get evaluated by college coaches and compete in front of D1, D2, D3 or Junior College schools.

Are basketball showcases worth it?

A basketball showcase, or exposure camp, is worth it if college coaches are in attendance. Do your research to make sure there are colleges in attendance that you have an interest in. Showcases will market which colleges are attending well in advance. If there are no college coaches in attendance, you’re wasting your time, energy and money. 

There are a couple things you’ll want to look out for before attending a basketball showcase:  

How many colleges are signed up to attend? College coaches typically have their recruiting events mapped out well before registrations open. If there are only a few colleges signed up, it might be best to look for other showcases to get the best bang for your buck. 

Are there colleges in the division level I’m interested in? If you’re a D1 level basketball player, attending a showcase that has only D3 colleges isn’t going to help get you to where you want to be. On the flipside, it’s important to be gauge your talent level and target colleges in the division level that suits you.   

What can you expect at a basketball showcase? 

Basketball showcases, or exposure camps, are put on by third-party organizers. Many of them have been around for a while and have accumulated an impressive list of past campers who’ve gone on to play college ball at some of the top NCAA and NBA programs.  

Basketball showcases tend to follow a similar setup: individual skills training and 5v5 competition. Typically, the instructors aren’t there to teach or help you develop new skills. They are there to help coordinate and shuffle players onto the next station for efficiency. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask coaches for feedback during a showcase. There are events that have quality coaches acting as instructors so there will be opportunities to receive feedback during breaks or in between games.  

Are basketball showcases for individuals or teams? 

Individual showcases are more common. Players sign up independently and will be placed on a team of other student-athletes based on their grad year or skill level. Individual showcases can also be called exposure camps, prospect camps or college showcases.  

Team showcases are basketball tournaments. Where your club or AAU team signs up to compete against other elite programs. There are opportunities for individual players to sign up independently and act as a sub for a team, but that is generally more common amongst unsigned seniors. 

When should you start going to basketball showcases? 

If you’re serious about playing college basketball, an individual basketball showcase, or exposure camp can be your ticket to getting discovered. While college coaches typically attend these showcases to recruit rising juniors and seniors, there can be value for younger, more advanced players to compete against other top players to get on a coach’s radar early. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you have the right basketball playing experience.

how to know if you're ready for a basketball showcase

What does a basketball showcase cost? 

For one-day events, basketball showcases are expensive. They typically cost between $100-$300. You’re paying for exposure to college coaches. Keep in mind that just because someone markets an event as a “showcase” or “exposure camp” that does not automatically mean that a player will end up getting recruited.  

How do you get invited to basketball showcases? 

To secure an invite to a basketball showcase, you need to be an elite player on both your high school and AAU team. Keep in mind that receiving an invite doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to get recruited. You must show up and perform to impress the college coaches in attendance. Talk with your high school or AAU coach about which showcases are right for you.  

Here are some of the best basketball showcases and exposure camps in the nation:  

How can you stand out at a basketball showcase? 

It’s one thing to attend a basketball showcase with the hopes of getting discovered, it’s another to get noticed. Attendance can be high, and the competition can be fierce so it’s important to do everything you can to separate yourself from other student-athletes. 

Here are three ways to stand out at basketball showcases: 

  1. Let coaches know you will be attending. By now you should know to research what colleges are attending before you sign up. Email the coaches in attendance that you’ll be attending. Be sure to include important recruiting information and your highlight video.
  2. Wear clothes that will stand out. You don’t need to go crazy here, most showcases will give you a jersey or shorts to wear with a number so college coaches can evaluate you. But wearing neon-colored socks or a sweatband can help draw a coach’s attention and help them remember you.  
  3. Be coachable. Coaches aren’t just evaluating how well you dribble or shoot a basketball. They want to know if you’d be a good teammate and fit for their program. 


Basketball showcases give you the stage to show off your skills in front of multiple college coaches and division levels at one time. Always follow up with college coaches after attending a showcase! Access college coach contact information through your NCSA Recruiting Profile. Don’t have one?

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