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Baseball Clinics: What Are They and How Do They Work?

baseball players at a clinic

Baseball clinics help you become a stronger player and college coaches want athletes dedicated to improving their game. Attending a baseball clinic demonstrates this to coaches. NCSA has compiled a list of baseball clinics across the country. Use the list below to find baseball clinics near you. Get answers to top questions about baseball clinics or search all baseball recruiting events here.

Find baseball clinics near you

37 results
University of Texas – Arlington
Calendar icon Sep 16, 2023 Sep 26, 2023
Arlington, TX
Ages / Grade Level: 5th – 12th
Division: NCAA D1
University of Massachusetts – Boston
Calendar icon Sep 24, 2023 Sep 24, 2023
Boston, MA
Ages / Grade Level: 13yr – 18yr
Division: NCAA D3
$150 – $200
Northwest Nazarene University
Calendar icon Sep 25, 2023 Sep 25, 2023
Nampa, ID
Ages / Grade Level: 8yr – 18yr
Division: NCAA D2
Lubbock Christian University
Calendar icon Sep 25, 2023 Sep 25, 2023
Lubbock, TX
Ages / Grade Level: 9yr – 14yr
Division: NCAA D2
Northwest Nazarene University
Calendar icon Sep 27, 2023 Sep 27, 2023
Nampa, ID
Ages / Grade Level: 8yr – 18yr
Division: NCAA D2

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Top 4 questions about baseball clinics 

What is a baseball clinic? 

Baseball clinics provide evaluation and instruction to improve your game. Clinics offer technical training in a smaller group setting than camps, which allows for individual attention from instructors. You can register for one-day sessions or multiple sessions over the span of a few weeks. 

What are the types of baseball clinics? 

You can find clinics focused on specific skills, such as base stealing, hitting, pitching, fielding and catching. Athletes will spend the entire session working on drills with the goal of improving position-specific skills.  

While colleges do offer clinics, athletes can also find clinics close to home for a low fee. The only difference being, local clinics will likely not offer exposure to college coaches. 

Why should you attend baseball clinics? 

You should attend a baseball clinic if you want to improve specific skills related to your position. While you won’t get recruited from a clinic, you will gain skills to better your game and stand out to coaches at camps and showcases. 

What does it cost to attend a baseball clinic?  

One of the great things about clinics is they are relatively inexpensive, between $30-$100, when compared to camps. Some clinics are even offered in packages (i.e. 4 sessions for $60), giving you the most bang for your buck. You can also choose between a private and group clinic, based on how much one-on-one attention you want. 


Baseball clinics are a great way to access focused training in a small group setting. You can find a position-specific clinic close to home for a relatively low cost. After attending a clinic, update your highlight video to showcase how you apply your new skills on the field. Once your highlight video is updated, reach out to college coaches with a link to your NCSA Recruiting Profile.

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