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Field Hockey Showcases

Field hockey showcases are important events for the hopeful college recruit. On top of high-level skill training, showcases give you the opportunity to get evaluated by college coaches! Check out NCSA’s list of field hockey showcases and get answers to top questions below.

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FAQs about field hockey showcases

Below we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about field hockey showcases. 

What is a field hockey showcase?

A field hockey showcase is a recruiting event where athletes can develop their skills and get evaluated by college coaches in a controlled, but competitive, environment. College coaches will often be on-field instructing drills and games. 

How do field hockey showcases work?

Typically lasting one day or a few hours, a field hockey showcase is packed with activities. Expect a full day of offensive and defensive drills, competitive scrimmages and informational sessions about the college recruiting process. Coaches attend showcases to evaluate and find field hockey recruits, so it’s important you prepare for attending! 

Are field hockey college showcases worth it?

If you want to gain recruiting exposure to college coaches, then yes, a field hockey college showcase could be worth your time and money! Showcases are more expensive than a skills camp, but recruiting exposure and training they provide can be extremely valuable to those who wish to play field hockey in college. Making a good first impression on a coach at a field hockey college showcase can get your name on their short list – and maybe an offer down the road! 

How do you get invited to field hockey showcases?

Many field hockey showcases are open to all high school players, but there are some that are exclusive to recommended and invited players. Do your research! If there is a field hockey showcase you’d like to attend that is invite-only, you can ask your high school or club coach to make a recommendation on your behalf.  

When to attend field hockey showcases?

Field hockey showcases are great for juniors and seniors, or underclassmen who have varsity level experience. You’ll also want to have solid highlight video or game footage to send to college coaches before you attend a showcase, so they know to look for you. If you haven’t reached the varsity level yet, a camp or clinic will be a better way for you to develop your field hockey skills.  

What to expect

Here’s what you can expect at a typical field hockey showcase:  

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The chance to demonstrate your field hockey skills and interact with college coaches is just a showcase away! Field hockey showcases are a great way to get your foot in the recruiting door and develop your skills, but they aren’t the only way to get ahead of the competition! Learn more about field hockey camps and explore NCSA’s list of colleges to start making your list of top field hockey schools