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Men’s Water Polo Camps



Impact of Coronavirus on College Water Polo Recruiting: The NCAA recruiting rules are now different for each division level. NCAA D1 has suspended all in-person recruiting through January 1, 2021. As of September 1, 2020, NCAA D2 and D3 have resumed the regular recruiting rules. Stay on top of the latest news involving the extra year of eligibility for college athletes and how it impacts recruiting. See our full coronavirus resources section for more information on how coronavirus will impact Water Polo

Attending men's water polo camps isn't just a way to spend intensive days playing the sport you love. Summer water polo camps can be invaluable for your college water polo recruiting process and help you gain the skills and exposure to become the kind of water polo student-athlete that college coaches are looking for. Finding the right water polo camp near you from the list above can feel daunting—but it doesn't have to.

2020 men’s college water polo camps

Each year we pull together a list of every college men's water polo camp in the country with the date and cost for each camp. However, most college camps scheduled for 2020 have been canceled due to the NCAA’s response to COVID-19. Please check with camp organizers for the most current information on camp availability. Keep checking back because we'll post 2021 summer camps here when details are available.

Find the right water polo summer camps

Finding the right summer water polo camp comes down to doing your homework on two separate topics: thinking honestly about your skill level as a water polo player and researching what a specific men's water polo camp entails.

Knowing your skill level, you'll be able to think critically about what you want to achieve at men's water polo camps. Do you want to gain skills and instruction? Do you want to work on advanced swimming and flexibility? Do you want to get in the pool against new competitors you've never met before? At many camps, all of these are possible. And the opportunity to play against new players can help you learn new aspects of the game you hadn't considered before.

You'll want to research what different summer water polo camps entail. There can be great opportunities to meet top water polo players at a camp and benefit from their instruction. However, you want to make sure that the top instructors will be on the deck for the entirety of the camp; after all, that's who is going to be giving you the best instruction.

You'll also have to think about whether a water polo camp fits into your family's budget and schedule, as well as your timetable for getting recruited for college water polo. It's your recruiting process and college future ahead of you. Make sure the entire family is on the same page about what that future will include.

Water polo tournaments

Student-athletes should consider two factors when choosing what water polo tournament to attend. The first factor to consider is the location of the tournament. Underclassmen should focus on competing at local and regional tournaments that will help them develop as athletes and gain competition experience. Upperclassmen should explore travel tournaments across the country where college coaches will be present.

The second factor to consider when selecting a water polo tournament is what tournaments college coaches from the athlete’s target schools typically attend. When selecting a tournament, student-athletes should research which tournaments those coaches have attended in the past and notify coaches that they will be competing at the tournament.

What are some good water polo goalie camps?

Swimming World Magazine released its 2019 Water Polo Camp Guide which identifies some of the top water polo camps by region. Below a list of 2019–20 water polo camps on the East and West Coast and in the Midwest.

East Coast

  • Brown Water Polo Camps
  • Princeton Water Polo Camps
  • East Coast Water Polo Clinic
  • 5Meter Water Polo Camp Miami
  • Florida International Water Polo Camp
  • 2019 Navy Summer Water Polo Camps


  • Chicago Water Polo Showcase

West Coast

  • Tony Azevedo Water Polo Academy
  • Cal Water Polo Camps
  • Malibu Water Polo Camp
  • Nike 5Meter Water Polo Camps at San Diego State
  • Nike 5Meter Water Polo Camps at UC Santa Cruz
  • Pacific Water Polo Shooting & Goalie Analytics Camp
  • Standford Water Polo Camps
  • UCLA Water Polo Camps
  • Wolf Wigo’s Santa Barbara Water Polo Camps

Men’s water polo camps near me

We’ve created a list of water polo camps nearby to help student-athletes and their families find opportunities for student-athletes to develop and showcase their skills.

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