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NCAA Amateurism Certificate: How to Request Final Amateurism Certification

NCAA amateur

Impact of COVID-19 on NCAA eligibility: The NCAA Eligibility Center extended its COVID-19 initial eligibility policies for student-athletes who initially enroll full-time during the 2021-22 and 2022-23 academic years. Students who intend to play D1 or D2 sports won’t be required to take the ACT or SAT by the NCAA. Students are also allowed to use pass/fail grades for core courses through the 2021–22 academic year. To keep track of updates that will impact eligibility for current and future recruiting classes, NCSA will continue to share information on our coronavirus resources page.  

In order to be eligible to compete and receive a scholarship as an NCAA athlete, you must meet the definition of an amateur athlete in addition to minimum academic requirements. The process of evaluating an athlete’s eligibility as an amateur athlete happens within the Eligibility Center/Clearinghouse. Athletes complete a set of questions about the teams they have participated on and, based on the answers, the NCAA will determine your eligibility.

Understanding the NCAA rules around this process is critical, and many of the amateurism violations happen well before an athlete has their status reviewed. Learn how to request your final amateurism certification here.

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NCAA amateurism rules

The NCAA rules in this area are not easy to interpret. However more than 95 percent of recruits will not have a problem meeting the NCAA requirements. For athletes who have a nontraditional athletic history, here are the main points to look out for concerning your eligibility.

WHAT IF I HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE LEGALITY OF SOMETHING: The NCAA does not provide guidance on what is and is not permissible. Informed Athlete, run by Rick Allen, is one of the few sources where you can get a detailed review and explanation of your NCAA rules questions. Contact him if you have questions about any of the above points.

What does ‘preliminary certified’ mean?

This status means you are cleared as an amateur athlete (at this time) and no further review is scheduled. In other words, you are cleared and pending your academic status, you are an NCAA-eligible athlete.

What is on the amateurism questionnaire?

The following are a list of questions that are currently part of the NCAA amateurism questionnaire:

The following questions are specifically related to your recruiting process:

Amateurism certification status definitions