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How Parents Can Use NCSA

how parents can use NCSA

Put simply, NCSA is where college recruiting happens. Over the past 20+ years, we’ve grown to be the world’s largest recruiting network, helping over 300,000 student-athletes get recruited. Our network gives student-athletes access to over 40,000 college coaches from schools across the country, roster openings in 35 sports and the opportunity to pursue their dream of competing at the college level. The NCSA experience starts with a free recruiting profile, but our recruiting resources don’t stop there. Learn how NCSA can help you and your athlete navigate the college recruiting process.

How NCSA helps student-athletes 

Our team has experienced the recruiting process firsthand, both personally and professionally. And when you combine our expertise with our digital recruiting resources and tools, you’ll see that we’re able to guide you through the recruiting process like no one else can. Check out our navigating NCSA video series for a rundown on how to make the most of NCSA’s products and features.

How parents can access their athlete’s NCSA profile   

When setting up your athlete’s NCSA profile, create a username and password that both you and your athlete can use to access the account.

How NCSA gets you the most exposure to college coaches 

Recruiting starts digitally, with college coaches searching recruiting networks like NCSA to find new talent starting as early as 8th grade. The best way to get exposure is to create an NCSA Recruiting Profile, where they’ll add athletic stats, highlight video, academic information, and more for college coaches to review. Coaches will use this information to determine if they want to add your athlete to their list of prospective student-athletes. As coaches are searching our network, we’ll notify your athlete each week of any coach activity on their profile. 

Attending camps is also a great way to get evaluated by college coaches in person. Our team can help you and your athlete research camps and select which ones to attend based on your sport, location, budget and recruiting goals. You can search our list of camps, combines and other events to find opportunities near you here.   

NCSA college recruiting tools and digital recruiting technology   

ncsa recruiting tools

Since our inception, we have been committed to providing student-athletes access to top recruiting tools and resources, including: 

View a full list of features here.

Can NCSA help get my athlete a scholarship? 

finding financial aid

We work with high school athletes and their families every step of the way through the recruiting process, including their search for an athletic scholarship. We help families like yours determine your college cost budget, research different scholarship opportunities and find programs with roster openings and scholarship money. We also help prepare you for financial aid conversations with coaches and college admissions departments, as well as how to negotiate a scholarship offer to get the most aid possible. Learn more about scholarships, student loans, financial aid and grants in our paying for college section

How does NCSA work with college coaches? 

We work with over 40,000 college coaches to help them fill open roster spots with our free NCSA Coach product. As the world’s largest collegiate athletic recruiting network, we have hundreds of thousands of student-athletes in our database that coaches can search through to find and evaluate talent. Coaches can filter student-athletes based on specific information to help them conduct targeted searches, which is why it’s crucial that athletes complete their NCSA Recruiting Profile. Additionally, coaches can see if your athlete has favorited their program. Learn more about NCSA Coach

What is NCSA Team Edition (TED)? 

High school and club coaches play a large role in the college recruiting process for their athletes. This is why we created NCSA Team Edition, a digital recruiting tool for these coaches that provides real-time data and insights on their athletes’ recruitment activities. Team Edition allows your athlete’s high school or club coaches to track your family’s recruiting process, provide assistance where needed,  see which college coaches are interested in your athlete and facilitate communications between them. 

If your high school/club coach isn’t already using NCSA Team Edition, share this resource with them. 

What other parents have to say about NCSA: 

From NCAA Division 1 to Junior College programs, NCSA has helped 300,000+ student-athletes commit to their best college match. But we’ll let these parents speak for themselves.  

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