Basketball Recruiting Timeline

Scoring big with the basketball programs starts with knowing your options. There are a large number of programs ready to give you an opportunity. The recruiting process in basketball is fast paced. It’s critical to build the relationship with coaches right away, master your skills and do well in school. Below is your basketball recruiting timeline, broken down by year.

Freshmen Year: Exposure. Relationships.

  • Look to play for an AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) team

  • Create a list of top 100 prospective schools, research 2-3 each week

  • Get your highlight film tape ready

  • Join a summer clinic or camps

  • Make unofficial visits- they are unlimited

  • Start making phone calls to coaches, write letters, emails

Sophomore Year: Visits. Highlight Tape.

  • Research prospective colleges

  • Film your games

  • Call, fill out questionnaires, email and/or write letters to coaches to build the relationship

  • Make unofficial visits to colleges

  • Gear up for summer elite basketball camps especially high caliber tournaments

Tips from Expert:

  • DIII and NAIA can contact you anytime

  • DI and DII coaches can’t personally contact you, but send them your letters and make calls

  • Starting June 15, DI coaches will be able to email and write to you

Junior Year: Critical. Relationships.

  • Respond to EVERY coach and do it in a TIMELY manner

  • Ask coaches questions and reach out to coaches about the program and college

  • Fill out questionnaires

  • Visits schools

  • Attend camps to hone your skills and earn good grades

Tips from Expert:

  • Between June 15 of your Sophomore year to July 31 after your Junior year, DI coaches can call you once a month

  • DI coaches can begin to call in April

  • DI and DII programs will start to make offers

  • If you haven’t heard from DI coaches, reach out to DII, DIII and NAIA coaches

Senior Year:

  • Make official visits- allowed only 5

  • Make unofficial visits

  • Narrow down your prospective colleges

  • Set-up tryouts with DII, NAIA and Junior College programs after your regular season

  • Commit to a school

  • Contact coach for summer workout schedule


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