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Women’s Water Polo Camps



Impact of Coronavirus on College Water Polo Recruiting: The NCAA has continued its suspension of all in-person recruiting through August 31; Different rules have been approved for the D2 level.  The NCAA also granted an extra year of eligibility to college seniors. The impact of coronavirus on sports is that right now, all recruiting activity is happening online. The timing of when sports will come back is being determined by the state, local and national governing bodies. Here is more information on how coronavirus will impact Water Polo.  We’re also sharing survey results from 600+ college coaches, in which we asked how they think COVID-19 will impact recruiting.

If you are going to apply for a college water polo scholarship, then you should consider attending a showcase or summer camp. Water polo camps will provide you with very specific additional training and development, and as a bonus, you get seen by the people that count: college coaches. Most summer camps cater to different age groups and skill levels.

2020 women’s college water polo camps

Each year we pull together a list of every college women's water polo camp in the country with the date and cost for each camp. However, most college camps scheduled for 2020 have been canceled due to the NCAA’s response to COVID-19. Please check with camp organizers for the most current information on camp availability. Keep checking back because we'll post 2021 summer camps here when details are available.

What to expect at women's water polo camps

Most women's water polo camps offer both technical and tactical training.

  • By tactical training, we mean water polo camps that usually include attacking multiple defensive schemes and learning about anticipation, decision-making and defending multiple offensive schemes.
  • By technical training, we mean women's water polo camps that concentrate on ball handling, drive defense, correct body positioning, specialized driving techniques and pure shooting.

Many camps blend these methods and offer women's water polo players instruction in power swimming and flexibility.

There are many good water polo summer camps throughout the US that will help athletes improve their skills, and picking the right camp is important. Athletes and families want to be sure they choose a camp that will do at least two things:

First, get exposure to college coaches who can evaluate them as a player and potentially offer them a scholarship.

Secondly, get expert coaching that enables them to bring their game to the next level. Coaches are not just evaluating athletes’ athletic potential, but also how coachable they are. They know that if the raw talent and desire are there, they can mold athletes into college players if they have the right attitude and are willing to work hard.

The women's water polo camps listed here will help athletes and families find the right camp to help them on their path to playing water polo in college.

Water polo camps vs. water polo clinics 

  • Water polo clinics: Water polo clinics help athletes improve their game under the guidance of experts. These clinics instill confidence in athletes by running practice drills, mock competitions and player tips. Clinics typically run for a few hours or even an entire day.
  • Water polo camps: Like water polo clinics, water polo camps help student-athletes work on their skills and technique through drills and mock competition under the guidance of experts. The primary difference between these two training opportunities is that camps generally span a couple days or an entire week. Various organizations and colleges host water polo camps. College camps allow recruits to work with coaches that lead programs they are interested in.

D1 women’s water polo tournaments

To play at an NCAA Division 1 water polo program, student-athletes need to have experience with competing against top talent. Swimming World magazine identified top water polo camps across the country in their 2019 Water Polo Camp Guide that can help student-athletes gain the experience they need to compete at a top tier college.

East Coast

  • Brown Water Polo Camps
  • Princeton Water Polo Camps
  • East Coast Water Polo Clinic
  • 5Meter Water Polo Camp Miami
  • Florida International Water Polo Camp
  • 2019 Navy Summer Water Polo Camps


  • Chicago Water Polo Showcase

West Coast

  • Tony Azevedo Water Polo Academy
  • Cal Water Polo Camps
  • Malibu Water Polo Camp
  • Nike 5Meter Water Polo Camps at San Diego State
  • Nike 5Meter Water Polo Camps at UC Santa Cruz
  • Pacific Water Polo Shooting & Goalie Analytics Camp
  • Stanford Water Polo Camps
  • UCLA Water Polo Camps
  • Wolf Wigo’s Santa Barbara Water Polo Camps 

Water polo camps near me

We’ve created a list of water polo camps nearby to help student-athletes and their families find opportunities to develop and showcase their skills.

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