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The Smart Way to Manage Your Recruiting Process


Our technology and our people work hand-in-hand to guide families through the college athletic recruiting process. While our recruiting experts provide personal assistance and advice to families, NCSA’s Recruit-Match Technology enables student-athletes to find—and connect with—college programs. Student-athletes can also download our app, which provides real-time recruiting notifications directly to your smartphone. Available for Apple and Android, our app helps families keep on top of all recruiting activities anywhere, any time. With this technology, you can take the guesswork out of your recruiting!

Stay on Top of your Recruiting with our Mobile App

Download the NCSA app on the App Store or Google Play to manage your recruiting wherever you are, right from your phone. You’ll know instantly when a college coach views or follows your profile.


NCSA Athletic Recruiting Profile

How college coaches find athletes online

Your online NCSA profile provides college coaches with a snapshot of who you are as a student-athlete. Here, you can add your athletic stats, highlight video, academic information, personal statement, college preferences and more. Keeping all of this information in one place makes it easy for coaches to evaluate you as a recruit.


Professionally edited highlight and skills videos

Show off your talent in a professionally edited highlight or skills video

For most sports, college coaches conduct their initial evaluation of recruits through their highlight or skills videos. In other words, your video is one of the most important parts of your recruiting profile. To ensure athletes are showing off their best moves, NCSA has whole video editing team to help families turn their raw video footage into a cohesive video that will capture the attention of college coaches.


NCSA Match

We find the schools that are going to be your right fit

NCSA’s proprietary matching algorithm is the most sophisticated algorithm in the industry! Here’s how it works: Athletes first go through a recruiting evaluation with their head recruiting coach, who will help them understand which division level is best for them, as well as determine what the athlete is really looking for in a college. Based on the athlete’s preferences, recruiting evaluation, skill level and academics, we match recruits to colleges that would be their best fit. Student-athletes are given a whole list of schools they’ve matched with, so they can start reaching out to those college coaches directly.


Match Analysis

See how you match to every school in the country

Match Analysis provides athletes with a visual "snapshot" of how their criteria stacks up against the offerings of that specific college, both in academics and athletics for every school. This feature makes it easier than ever to see if a school meets all of your requirements.


NCSA Favorites

Your personalized list of target schools

With a little more research, you can quickly narrow down your list of schools. The first place to start is to see if the team is recruiting your position or event. Then, look at the athletes on the current roster to see if your size, skills, and speed are comparable. Also, check to see if the team typically recruits from your region or even club. If your roster research checks out, and it feels like a good fit for you, click yes to Favorite this school.


Coach Activity Report

All of your messages with college coaches in one place

Each week, you’ll receive a Coach Activity Report, which lists the different coaches who have viewed your profile and searched for your information, in addition to how well you match with every college on the report. Our student-athletes use this feature to proactively reach out to coaches who have showed interest in them. You can also alert coaches that you are interested in their program.


Message Center

Every college coach in one place

Once you’ve found a college program you’re interested in, you can reach out to the coach instantly through our Message Center! Coach contact information is available through our platform, so you don’t have to waste time scouring the internet for email addresses and phone numbers.


School Notes

Keep organized with every school on your list

One of the biggest challenges for student-athletes is keeping track of where they are in the recruiting process for each school on their target list. The Progress tab offers a series of Progress cards that create a visual “to-do” list for each college that will help you build connections with the coach and the program. You can quickly see what steps you’ve taken and what still needs to be done. Here are the first six tasks you can track with your Progress cards:

  • Research college matches and determine if it’s a Favorite or not
  • Complete the team questionnaire
  • Connect with coaches and staff on social media
  • Send your introductory email
  • Touchbase communications via email, text, and DM with coaches
  • Phone calls

Summary Notes capture key information, insights

When you are dealing with numerous schools and touchpoints, it’s easy to confuse one school with another or even forget something a coach told you during a phone conversation. With Summary Notes, you can capture all the details for each school in one convenient place and refer back to them as your recruiting progresses.


NCSA University

Everything you need to know about the recruiting process

The recruiting process comes with some tricky rules and regulations. To save you time looking up the answers to your questions, we’ve created the largest library of recruiting education, classes and videos. Plus, we’ve made the process fun and interactive by creating our series of recruiting drills. The most important part: You’re not alone. Our team of recruiting experts are always available to provide the personal guidance you need throughout your recruiting journey.

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Recruiting in your hands.

Tools and advice to find the right fit.

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