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Travel Baseball Teams Near You

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After little league, many young athletes may wonder what to do next—especially if their high school doesn’t offer a decent baseball program. This is where travel teams can help. They enable baseball athletes to build their skills to prepare for college baseball and beyond. 

So, if you’re wondering about travel baseball teams near you, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of the top travel teams by state.  

Find top travel baseball teams near you by state

State Travel Baseball Team 
Alabama The top travel team in Alabama is the Excel Baseball Academy (EBA). EBA was opened in 2003 by Matthew Maniscalco and Josh Beshears. They both have college baseball and some pro league experience. They are in Oxford, AL. 
Alaska In Alaska, the Alaska Patriots are king. They are in Anchorage and host local games and one to two travel tournaments a season.  
Arizona In Arizona, the top travel team is Thunder. They are in Anthem and compete in travel tournaments with some local games occasionally appearing on the schedule.  
Arkansas The aptly named Perfect Timing team in Springdale aims to help players develop their skills. Whether it be to nab a spot in high school baseball, college, or even go pro, Perfect Timing is the team for you.  
California The California Baseball Academy in Chino develops players’ abilities on the field. This team takes pride in its positive learning environment. 
Colorado The Colorado Batbusters are in Parker and travel one to two times per year.  
Connecticut The Connecticut Outlaws in Middletown do some traveling and local games. 
Delaware Delaware Magic, located in Newark, is the team to beat. They travel one to two times a year and play local games.  
Florida The Miami Baseball team was built out of the coach’s love for his son and the game. Like most teams on this list, they play one to two travel games and many local games in Miami.  
Georgia The Phenom Southeast in Marietta plays a few travel games each season in addition to local games.  
Hawaii The Maui A’s in Waipahu is the top team for top players.  
Idaho The Idaho Select team in Rexburg is for select players who want to build their skills. 
Illinois The Illinois Indians in Mount Prospect are passionate about developing lifelong baseball skills. The team feels that baseball is more than a sport; it’s a way of life.  
Indiana The Midwest Astros Academy in Greenfield has no connection to the Houston pro team. They strive to develop mental and psychical skills for America’s number-one pastime.  
Iowa The Iowa Sticks in Pewaukee prides itself on teaching the latest sports techniques in baseball. While they do play local games, they travel one to two times a year.  
Kansas The Midwest Scouts in Overland Park develop skills while playing local and travel games.  
Kentucky The Kentucky Prospects in Paducah is on a mission to foster good sportsmanship and a love for the game.  
Louisiana The NOLA Baseball Club in New Orleans was founded in 2005 as the Gators and has since developed into a high school showcase.  
Maine The Main Sluggers in Brewer compete in local and travel games.  
Massachusetts Team Mizuno Northeast in Shrewsbury focuses on developing critical baseball skills.  
Maryland The Mid-Atlantic Predators based in Prince Fredrick aim to get players to the next level.  
Michigan The Bloomfield Sting in Bloomfield Hills is the best travel team in the state.  
Minnesota The MN Twisters is the number-one team in Minnesota. They play one to two travel games a season.  
Mississippi The 59 Baseball team in Hattiesburg provides athletes with guidance to make their baseball dreams a reality.  
Missouri The Adidas A’s in St. Louis is a player-centric team that wants nothing more than to better their players.  
Montana The Montana Avalanche in Missoula travels a few times each year but mostly plays local games. Their stellar gameplay makes them number one in Montana.  
Nebraska The Nebraska Shockwave, based in Inglewood, competes in tournaments and travels about twice a season.  
New Hampshire The Seacoast United team in Epping works to improve players to their best.  
New Jersey The South Jersey Elite baseball team in Westampton travels plenty but plays some local games as well.  
New Mexico The NM Sundancers in Los Lunas play a few tournaments throughout the year. They are the number-one team to beat in New Mexico.  
New York The LI Dolphins baseball team in Bellmore play mostly local games with a few travel games as well. 
North Carolina The Carolina Rockies in Clemmons is not just the highest-ranking team; they also have some local college connections.  
North Dakota The FM Boltz in Fargo give personal instruction, so your child gets what they need to accel.  
Ohio The Ohio Bombers in Akron was founded in 2006 and continues to work hard with their Northeastern Ohio players.  
Oklahoma The Oklahoma Epic team in Moore plays mostly local games, with a few travel games thrown in.  
Oregon The NW Vandals Fastpitch in Salem plays a few local games and some travel games.  
Pennsylvania 3Up3Down Delucia Baseball Academy is the number-one team in PA. They’re based out of Reading and travel one to two times a year.  
Rhode Island L&M Baseball is based in North Smithfield, RI, and plays a mix of local and travel games.  
South Carolina The Blue Chip Baseball Bulls are based in Anderson and aim to prepare players for college baseball.  
South Dakota The TSC Lightning team is based out of Harrisburg and plays about one to two travel tournaments annually.  
Tennessee The Pirates Baseball team in Nashville aims to help their players reach their full potential.  
Texas The Adidas Team of Houston used to be known as the Mizuno Baseball team. But the name change doesn’t change their dedication to bringing out the best in their players.  
Utah The CBA Summit team is out of Saint George. They play primarily local games with some travel.  
Vermont The Vermont Storm Youth team plays some travel and mostly local games. But this makes them no less committed to improving the baseball skills of their players.  
Virginia The Canes Nationals has many locations throughout Virginia. Their mission is to improve players so they’ll be ready for college ball. Many past players now play at the college level. 
Washington The Federal Way Knights provide an affordable way for student-athletes to grow their skills and foster a love of the game.  
West Virginia The Shield Team is based in Parkersburg, VW, and works hard to improve players’ skills. Through the team’s coaching, many have made it to D2 and D3 college baseball rosters.  
Wisconsin The Hitters live to their name by producing powerful players that some have made it to the MLB. 
Wyoming Casper Crush Baseball works to instill team spirit and show how working together can be for the greater good.   

Travel baseball FAQs

High school baseball vs travel baseball

What is the difference between travel and high school baseball?

The main difference between high school and travel baseball is that travel baseball can happen year-round. Plus, what school you go to doesn’t matter to the travel team. As long as you pass tryouts, you’re in.

Is the skill level higher in travel baseball?

Yes, much higher. Players on travel baseball teams compete against top talent, which enables them to improve their skills.

How do you join a travel baseball team?

You join them through tryouts, like any other team. Most travel team websites will have information about when tryouts are.

How to choose a travel baseball team?

The best thing to do is to meet with coaches to get a sense of their style and see if it’s right and to make sure you can commit to the schedule.

What are the benefits of travel baseball?

Some benefits are that they play year-round, and their baseball skills get sharper. Plus, many pro players have played in travel teams.

How much does it cost to play travel baseball?

Travel baseball costs average around $3,700 annually. This amount includes equipment, training, fees, and travel expenses. However, families can spend more depending on things like additional training fees and costs associated with longer out-of-state tournaments.

How many travel baseball games are played in a season?

Players can play between 50-60 games.


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