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Track and Field Coronavirus Information


While the coronavirus has impacted every sport at every level, some will be affected more than others depending on when their season is. The NCAA has initially canceled all winter and spring NCAA championships and all in-person recruiting through April 15, 2020. To find out more how track and field will be affected by the virus and keep up with news releases, event cancellations, schedule changes and more, check this page for updates.

Get additional information by visiting some of our other coronavirus resources below:


Track and Field National Governing Bodies Status Updates

USA Track and Field (USATF) 


Track and Field High School Associations Status Updates

See the complete list of high school athletic associations and their updates


Track and Field Events Statuses and Resources

  • 2020 USATF world race walk cup 10km & 20km, masters 20km, junior 20km championships: March 29, Whiting, NJ (Postponed) Updated March 26
  • 2020 USATF 100 Km Road Championships: April 18, Madison, WI (Canceled) Updated March 26
  • Drake Relays: April 25, Des Moines, IA (Postponed) Updated March 26
  • Penn Relays: April 25, Philadelphia, PA (Postponed) Updated March 26
  • 2020 USATF Masters 10 Km Championships: April 26, Dedham, MA (Canceled) Updated March 26
  • 2020 USATF 25 Km Championships: May 9, Grand Rapids, MI (Postponed to Oct 24) Updated March 26
  • USATF Distance Classic: May 14, Pasadena, CA (No change) Updated March 26
  • Adidas Boost Boston Games: May 31, Boston, MA (No change) Updated March 26
  • Nike Prefontaine Classic: Jun 7, Eugene, OR (No change) Updated March 26
  • 2020 USATF U20 Championships: Jun 12-14, Miramar, FL (No change) Updated March 26
  • 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Track & Field: Jun 19-28, Eugene, OR (No change) Updated March 26
  • 2020 USATF Long Distance Mountain Running Championships: Jun 21, Squaw Valley, CA (No change) Updated March 26
  • 2020 USATF Youth Outdoor Championships: Jun 23-28, Miramar, FL (No change) Updated March 26
  • 2020 USATF Masters Outdoor Championships: Jul 9-12, Greensboro, NC (No change) Updated March 26
  • World Masters Association Outdoor Championships: Jul 20-Aug 1, Toronto, Ontario (No change) Updated March 26
  • 2020 Olympic Games: Jul 21-Aug 9, Tokyo (No change) Updated March 26
  • 2020 USATF Hershey National Junior Olympics Track & Field Championships: Jul 27- Aug 2, Jacksonville, FL (No change) Updated March 26
  • 2020 USATF Mountain Running Championship: Aug 16, Mt. Hood, OR (No change) Updated March 26
  • 2020 USATF Masters 1 Mile Championship: Aug 22, Flint, MI (No change) Updated March 26
  • 2020 USATF 20 Km Championships: Sept 7, New Haven, CT (No change) Updated March 26
  • IAU 100 Km World Championships: Sept 12, Winschoten (No change) Updated March 26
  • 2020 USATF Masters 12 Km Championships: Sept 27, Highlands, NJ (No change) Updated March 26
  • 2020 USATF 10 Mile Championships: Oct 4, Minneapolis/St. Paul , MN (No change) Updated March 26
  • 2020 USATF 5 Km Championships: Oct 31, New York, NY (No change) Updated March 26
  • 2020 USATF Marathon Trail Championships: Nov 2, TBD (No change) Updated March 26
  • 2020 USATF Club Cross Country Championships: Dec 12, TBD (No change) Updated March 26
  • 2020 USATF Masters Indoor Championships: March 13-15, Baton Rouge, LA (Canceled) Updated March 9
  • 2020 USATF Hershey Youth National Indoor Championships: March 20-22, Staten Island, NY (Canceled) Updated March 10
  • 2020 New Balance Nationals Indoor (NBNI): March 13-15, New York, NY (Canceled) Updated March 11
  • 2020 New Balance Nationals Outdoor: June 18-21, Greensboro, NC (No Change) Updated March 16
  • NSAF 2020 Iron Wood Throws Classic: May 29-30, Coeur d'Alene, ID (No Change) Updated March 16


For additional information, visit our coronavirus high school and college sports resource page.

Visit our club sports information page for coronavirus updates in club sports.

Visit our college closures page for campus closures from coronavirus.


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