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The Role of Lacrosse Showcases in the College Recruiting Process

Lacrosse showcases are all about recruiting exposure. Athletes have the opportunity to play in front of college coaches who are actively looking for talent to fill their roster. While there are many different types of showcases, an athlete’s best chance of catching the attention of a coach at a top college program is at invite-only lacrosse showcase. 

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FAQs about lacrosse showcases

Below we answer the most commonly asked questions about lacrosse showcases.

What is a showcase in lacrosse?

A lacrosse showcase is a recruiting event where athletes compete in front of a large group of college lacrosse coaches. You can separate yourself from your competition and impress college coaches. 

what are the best lacrosse showcases?

Attending one of these lacrosse showcases ensures that you will play in front of coaches at top college lacrosse programs. This level of exposure can help you get on a coach’s radar and boost your recruiting process.

Below are some of the best lacrosse showcases: 

  1. Nike Blue Chip 
  1. Maverik Showtime National Recruiting Spotlight 
  1. Adrenaline Black Card 
  1. Under Armour All-America Underclass Tournament 
  1. New England Top 150

How do you get invited to lacrosse showcases?

Invitations and/or tryouts are required to attend the best lacrosse showcases. Your club and high school coaches can submit recommendations to individuals showcases advocating for an invite. Athletes can lean on their coaches to help select the right lacrosse individual showcases based on your skill level, location, target schools, and more.  

Are lacrosse showcases worth it?

Yes, any chance an athlete has to play in front of college coaches is worth it. The college lacrosse recruiting process is very competitive, and showcases provide athletes the opportunity to improve their skill level and gain exposure while competing in front of hundreds of college programs. 

When to attend lacrosse showcases?

Showcases are all about recruiting exposure, so athletes should begin attending these events starting sophomore year as you are gearing up for the NCAA contact period beginning September 1 after junior year. This allows time for you to get on a coaches radar as they build a list of recruits they are interested in contacting. 

What to expect

At a showcases, athletes should expect to run through various lacrosse drills and scrimmage in front of multiple college coaches. Athletes will likely experience a high level of competition as everyone is trying to impress the coaches in attendance. Athletes will earn valuable skills from experienced coaches while showcases their talents.

what to expect at lacrosse showcases

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There are many benefits to attending a showcase that ultimately can help you get recruited for college lacrosse. To learn more about other recruiting event types, check out our comprehensive list of lacrosse camps and tournaments near you or find lacrosse clinics