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Find Boys and Girls Lacrosse Clinics Near You

Take your lacrosse game to the next level with the help of a lacrosse clinic. Not sure where to look? Not to worry, NCSA has compiled a list of lacrosse clinics across the country to help you find lacrosse clinics near you.  

Find lacrosse clinics near you

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FAQs about lacrosse clinics

Below we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about lacrosse clinics.

What is a lacrosse clinic?

A lacrosse clinic provides instruction and evaluation of specific skills. Clinics can last anywhere from a couple hours to a full day. These are generally a cost-effective alternative to camps for athletes looking to work on a specific skillset.  

Why should you attend lacrosse clinics?

Athletes looking to improve basic skills (cradling, shooting, etc.) in a small group setting should consider attending a lacrosse clinic. Clinics offer more one-on-one instruction and evaluation. 

What are the best lacrosse clinics?

Some of the best lacrosse clinics are hosted in various cities across the country. Check them out below to find a lacrosse clinic near you: 

When to attend lacrosse clinics?

Lacrosse clinics are focused on developing and perfecting basic skills, so it’s a good idea to attend clinics regularly, starting in middle school. As your skillset develops, you can focus on specializing your skillset with clinics focused on one specific skill.  

What to expect

Lacrosse clinics last anywhere from a couple hours to a full day. Athletes can expect instructors to divide the group by age and ability to provide the best instructional environment.

All lacrosse clinics focus on basic skills, such as catching, throwing, and positioning.

Clinic instructors use a variety of drills and games to keep athletes engaged and put their skills to the test.

Later in the clinic, instructors may introduce more advanced stick control and shooting skills to challenge athletes.  

what to expect at lacrosse clinics

Find more lacrosse events

Lacrosse clinics are just one option for athletes looking for coaching and skill development. Check out our lists of boys lacrosse camps and girls lacrosse camps and lacrosse showcases to find additional opportunities to grow as an athlete and gain exposure to college coaches.