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Women’s Lacrosse Camps

Lacrosse camps can help improve your skills and gain exposure to college coaches to increase scholarship opportunities. A lacrosse camp also provides you with the ability to improve your playing skills and learn from many of the country’s top coaches. Finding the right girls lacrosse camp doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require a few extra steps. Use our list of college lacrosse camps below to find a lacrosse camp near you.

Find lacrosse camps near you

110 results
IMG Academy
Calendar icon Jan 1, 2024 Dec 31, 2024
Bradenton, FL
Ages / Grade Level: 10yr – 18yr
US Lax Events
Calendar icon Jul 20, 2024 Jul 21, 2024
Edwardsburg, MI
Villanova University
Calendar icon Jul 21, 2024 Jul 21, 2024
Villanova, PA
Ages / Grade Level: 9th-12th
Division: NCAA D1
Capital University
Calendar icon Jul 21, 2024 Jul 23, 2024
Columbus, OH
Ages / Grade Level: 6th-12th
Division: NCAA D3
Xcelerate Lacrosse
Calendar icon Jul 21, 2024 Jul 24, 2024
Charlotte, NC
Ages / Grade Level: 10yr – 18yr

FAQs about women’s lacrosse camps

girls lacrosse training camps at IMG Academy

womens lacrosse img academy sports camps 2024

Train like the pros! IMG Academy’s girls lacrosse camps are designed to help you reach your full potential. Led by top coaches on a premier campus, you’ll get personalized coaching to improve on-field tactics, refine technical skills, and boost mental toughness in a supportive and progressive setting. With various program options available, there’s something for everyone to enhance their game!

What to expect at lacrosse camps

Women’s lacrosse camps are designed to help you improve your skills and become a more developed recruit for college coaches. You’ll build on your existing skillset and have the opportunity to learn from current college coaches – often in drills you haven’t done before.

When you’re choosing a camp, be honest when you reflect on your level of play, whether that be intermediate, advanced or elite. Attending a camp that doesn’t align with your skill level can limit what you gain from the experience.

Types of lacrosse camps

Note that several types of lacrossee camps are offered by these various organizations. Options include summer lacrosse camps, winter lacrosse camps and spring lacrosse camps as well as day camps and overnight camps. You can also explore camps organized by youth lacrosse leagues, teen lacrosse training camps, high school camps and college elite camps.

Also take note of the benefits that lacrosse showcases provide you. Lacrosse showcases provide tremendous opportunities to challenge yourself against many of the country’s best players. They also allow you to showcase your skills for those involved with lacrosse recruiting. Lacrosse combines also provide you with a means to impress lacrosse recruiting coaches, but those are not as focused on seeing you work within a team setting as lacrosse showcases are.

You should also consider clinics as they provide settings that are a bit different from lacrosse showcases. At clinics, you receive more one-on-one training and get to focus on improving more specified aspects of your game. Another option is an advanced camp. These offer training that is even more specialized, focused on the different positions on the field.

Lacrosse tournaments

As far as which are the best teams, irrespective of academics, you have several researching options available. Of course, consider which teams participated in the NCAA Championship events, the March Madness-type postseason events that the best college lacrosse teams across the country take part in. These are all single-elimination competitions with the Division I national champions being decided on Memorial Day weekend. The national championship trophies for the best teams in NCAA Division II and III and NAIA lacrosse are awarded in the weeks prior to then.

Which camps and tournaments should you attend?

Underclassmen should look for local and regional camps to focus on skill development, while upperclassmen should attend camps and tournaments across the country where college coaches will be present.

Attending multiple recruiting camps and tournaments can be expensive. Consider both the location and whether or not college coaches in your desired division level will be in attendance when selecting which camps or tournaments to attend.

Participation in tournaments and camps is critical to the recruiting process.

Other popular camps

A Nike lacrosse camp provides several significant benefits for you to consider as well. It’s likely that a Nike camp is being held in your state or a neighboring one. Note that Nike camps are often held on college campuses. Even if you will not be working with coaches from that college while at these Nike lacrosse events, experiencing the overall atmosphere at that school and in that city does still provide significant benefits to consider. Nike lacrosse also offers Xcelerate to take into account when deciding which Nike events to spend your money and time on.

USA lacrosse also provides a number of high-quality training camps to consider. These USA lacrosse events include high school lacrosse camps as well as ones for younger age groups, and events organized by USA lacrosse are located throughout the country as well.

NCSA and lacrosse

NCSA College Recruiting provides a number of options that help prospective college athletes make the transition from a lacrosse recruit to a lacrosse commit. We have helped more than 30,000 athletes commit to a college to play a variety of sports over the past year. We’re also proud to support our network of college coaches in building teams that perform well on the field and fit in with their team cultures and communities.

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