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How to Make a Volleyball Recruiting Video and Impress College Coaches

College coaches don’t have the time to travel across the country and watch dozens of volleyball recruits in person. That’s why a volleyball recruiting video is so important. It takes just a few minutes for a well-made recruiting video to show coaches what a high school volleyball recruit can do on the court. But for a volleyball recruiting video to be effective, athletes need to know what volleyball coaches are looking for in recruits. Read on to learn how to capture the right footage and put together a volleyball recruiting video that will get noticed by college coaches.

How to make a volleyball skills video

Getting on a coach’s radar is easier said than done—but a standout men’s volleyball skills video can help potential volleyball recruits get noticed while showcasing their skills! Recruits should keep in mind that while a volleyball skills video doesn’t have to be perfect, it does have to demonstrate their technical abilities and overall athleticism.

In the video below, former D1 Head Volleyball Coach Jason Holt breaks down everything men’s volleyball recruits need to know ahead of creating their volleyball skills video, including:

What footage should my volleyball highlight video include?

College coaches watch a lot of recruiting videos (also known as highlight videos). While a volleyball highlight video should show off an athlete’s position-specific abilities with clips of their best plays, it should also be kept short because college coaches will only give it a quick look. If the coach likes what they see, they might request full game footage or more clips. Read on to see what each position should film. 

Volleyball recruiting video tips

Volleyball recruiting tip: Some clubs film games for their athletes. Families can check with club coaches about capturing footage for a recruiting video.

What do college coaches want to see in a volleyball recruiting video?

Coaches usually watch the first 10–25 seconds of a recruit’s volleyball highlight video before they make a decision about pursuing a recruit. So, make those first 10–25 seconds extremely impactful and stack the best footage at the beginning of the video to capture the coach’s attention right away.

How long should my volleyball highlight video be?

The video should be three to five minutes long and shouldn’t waste time with fancy graphics, transitions or music. Instead, the video needs to focus on highlighting the best plays. Footage should show multiple repetitions of a few specific skillsets based on the athlete’s position and start off with a bang. 

Volleyball skills video for a libero

Volleyball skills video for a middle blocker

Volleyball skills video for a setter

Volleyball skills video for an outside hitter

Volleyball skills video for a right side hitter

When to send a college volleyball recruiting video

Every time athletes are reaching out to a coach for the first time, they should send a volleyball recruiting video. Additionally, families should create a new video after every major tournament (such as a national qualifier, super-regional, etc.) so that they can send the new video out to coaches of interest. This is a great way to stay on coaches’ radar and continue communicating with them. Try sending a new video every three or four months.