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Yaritza Rufat, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Yaritza Rufat, Recruiting Coordinator

University of Puerto Rico
[email protected]
(312) 429-4631

During my professional journey, I learned that my purpose and passion are to assist young people to achieve their goals. That has led me to a BA in Labor Relations and work specifically with students.

I believe that students are the most important asset of society, and we should all work for their success. Having worked with future generational leaders for the past 10 years, I understand the importance of helping them invest in their academic careers and professional goals.

Students Athletes are no exception and if your son or daughter wants to play at the college level, we also recognize that the recruiting process can be overwhelming at times and that’s why having an online presence is key to get the right exposure. Online recruitment is very important and here at the NCSA we are a team of achievers, looking for the next success story, one student-athlete at a time.

Let’s partner together and your child achieve their dream goals, in a way that is proactive and innovative. As the Recruiting Coordinator and a Latina woman from Puerto Rico, it is my pleasure to serve your family to the best of my abilities. Please let me know your questions and expectations. I’m here to help you achieve your dream of playing college sports!