Basketball Combines

A basketball combine lets high school hoops players show off their athletic ability with timed/measured events like the lane agility drill, vertical jump, and full-court sprints. Unlike basketball camp, there’s little or no basketball instruction involved.


Reasons to attend a high school basketball combine.

  • The main reason to attend is to get valuable measurable information about your skills/ability. Verified statistics are extremely important for your player profile, so having your vertical jump measured or getting timed in the lane agility drill can definitely help in the recruiting process. Verified results from a basketball combine can be posted on your NCSA profile page, and most are accessible on the combine’s website.
  • Basketball combines can offer tangible information about your athleticism, so you can see just how you measure up against other basketball recruits. Knowing the areas where you need improvement can be beneficial when competing against other athletes for basketball scholarships.


When a basketball combine might not be the right choice.

  • Don’t go to a basketball combine if you think it will help you get “discovered”. Unless you wow college coaches with off-the-charts testing numbers, it’s unlikely that a coach who doesn’t know who you are will discover you based on your combine results.
  • There’s little or no basketball instruction at a combine. If you’re trying to improve your skills and learn more about the game of basketball attend a basketball camp instead.



How important are basketball camps?

You know when to attend a combine,

Now find out when/if you should go to a basketball camp.

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