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Women’s Golf Tournaments and Camps


Impact of Coronavirus on College Golf Recruiting: The NCAA has continued its suspension of all in-person recruiting through August 31; Different rules have been approved for the D2 level.  The NCAA also granted an extra year of eligibility to college seniors. The impact of coronavirus on sports is that right now, all recruiting activity is happening online. The timing of when sports will come back is being determined by the state, local and national governing bodies. Here is more information on how coronavirus will impact Golf.  We’re also sharing survey results from 600+ college coaches, in which we asked how they think COVID-19 will impact recruiting.

Attending women’s golf camps are a great way to improve your game and develop your ability on the course. This list will help you find women’s golf camps near you to improve your skills and lose less shots to par.

2020 women’s college golf camps

Each year we pull together a list of every college women's golf camp in the country with the date and cost for each camp. However, most college camps scheduled for 2020 have been canceled due to the NCAA’s response to COVID-19. Please check with camp organizers for the most current information on camp availability. Keep checking back because we'll post 2021 summer camps here when details are available.

Golf camps vs golf schools

You might see listings for both women’s golf camps as well as golf schools. Generally speaking, the difference is in who is giving the instruction.

  • College golf camps are especially helpful for your recruiting if you’ve been talking to a coach at the school prior to attending. Typically, women’s golf camps include instruction time for your swing, video analysis, as well as competition time on the school’s course. Often, you’ll be working directly with the college’s coaches, which will give you the opportunity to experience how they instruct.
  • Golf schools are often taught by PGA professionals who can help you specialize in an aspect of your game. This can be particularly helpful if you’re looking to improve your short game or are hoping to receive personalized instruction (they often boast great coach-to-player ratios) and video analysis. There are also golf schools (e.g. IMG Academy) where you can spend a semester or a year studying and golfing -- especially helpful if you already have a low handicap and are looking to get even better.

We hope this list will help you find women’s golf camps that will help you become a better golfer overall, and in your college golf search. Be sure to do your homework; only you can decide if a camp experience will be right for you.

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Major women’s college golf tournaments

Individual tournament play is the number one factor college coaches consider when making their roster and scholarship decisions. In fact, most coaches recruit from a certain level of golf tournaments each year. Student-athletes should research the schools on their target list to find out where coaches will be and what results they need to get noticed. The length of the course, location and cost are also important factors to consider. As you establish your tournament schedule, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. State Golf Association Championships. College coaches who recruit locally will attend state-wide championships to evaluate the highest ranked players in the state. Some golfers automatically gain entry, but there’s usually an open qualifying process option as well. 
  2. Independent Junior Golf Tournaments. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways for student-athletes to improve their national ranking is to attend a multiple-day, independent junior golf tournament. Specifically, you want to focus on courses that are 6,000 yards or more. The best resource to find competitions is Junior Golf Scoreboard.
  3. National Golf Tours. National level competition attracts college coaches and is essential in determining how recruits measure up against highly competitive golfers across the country. All college coaches are familiar with the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA), Future Collegians World Tour (FCWT) and the International Junior Golf Tour (IJGT). The biggest downside here is the heavy price tag that comes with being a member and competing in these events.
  4. United States Golf Association (USGA) Championships. USGA is home to the most elite amateur golf tournaments in the country. To participate in an event here, you must pass a rigorous qualifying process, which is based on golf scores and handicap requirements.

When evaluating a recruit’s performance at a tournament, coaches will look at the difference between their scores each day. This is called a “tournament score differential.” Coaches want to see how a student-athlete fared day-after-day to better understand their mental toughness. Can they come back focused and take the lead, or will they crumble under the pressure? This is especially important at national and independent tournaments because high school events are typically only nine or 18 holes.

Find women’s golf camps and tournaments near me

Participating in golf tournaments and camps will help you improve your skill set, see how you measure up against other recruits, and compete in front of college coaches. See a list of golf camps near me.

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Nike Girls Golf Camp - University of Washington #2

Seattle, Washington
US Sports Camps
Sunday, August 9, 2020
9 a.m.

Head Women's Coach and long-time Nike Camp Director, Mary Lou Mulflur, offers two weeks of junior overnight camp at University of Washington. Get better this summer at one of the most prestigious academic and athletic institutions in the country.

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