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Are Soccer Combines Worth It for Women’s Soccer?

women's soccer player practicing drills

College coaches evaluate the skills of potential recruits who attend soccer combines. Combines involve a series of physical and technical tests. If you are looking to boost your recruiting profile and highlight your athleticism, soccer combines are key. Get answers to some common questions about women’s soccer combines or use our tool below to find combines near you. 

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Top questions about women’s soccer combines 

Are high school soccer combines worth it?

Soccer combines are designed to test an athlete’s speed, strength and abilities. Knowing where you rank in these categories can help college coaches assess your physicality and growth potential. They can also help increase visibility to your NCSA recruiting profile. 

What can you expect at a soccer combine? 

Combines are one to two day recruiting events that allow players to train and compete in front of attending college coaches. But instead of presenting a regular match, combines pit players against each other in a series of skills tests. Parents are also encouraged to attend soccer combines to attend informational sessions about the recruiting process and financial aid.  

What is measured at soccer combines?  

At a soccer combine, you’ll perform a series of tests that will gather your physical measurements, metrics and character so coaches can evaluate your potential as a college athlete.

what is measured at a soccer combine


Soccer combines offer you the chance to collect verified measurements while college coaches evaluate your skills. Always remember to upload your new stats to your NCSA Recruiting Profile after participating in a combine. Don’t have one? Create a free recruiting profile today.  

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