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Women’s Soccer Camps: Everything You Need to Know

Find Women's Soccer Camps Near You

Soccer camps, also known as soccer ID camps, are a great way to develop new soccer tricks and learn from experienced college coaches. You may be wondering, how do I find girls soccer camps near me? NCSA has compiled a list of girls soccer camps across the country. Use the list below to find a girls soccer camp near you.  You can also get answers to top questions about girls soccer camps or search all women’s soccer recruiting events here.

Find girls soccer camps near you

5 results
IMG Academy
Calendar icon Jan 1, 2023 Dec 31, 2023
Bradenton, FL
Ages / Grade Level: 10yr – 18yr
Jacksonville University
Calendar icon Dec 9, 2023 Dec 9, 2023
Jacksonville, FL
Ages / Grade Level: 14yr – 24yr
Division: NCAA D1
Montana State University – Billings
Calendar icon Dec 9, 2023 Dec 10, 2023
Billings, MT
Ages / Grade Level: 9th – 12th
Division: NCAA D2
California State University – Fullerton
Calendar icon Dec 18, 2023 Dec 20, 2023
Fullerton, CA
Ages / Grade Level: 5yr – 12yr
Division: NCAA D1
Central Methodist University
Calendar icon Feb 24, 2024 Feb 24, 2024
Fayette, MO
Ages / Grade Level: 7th – 12th
Division: NCAA D3

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Top questions about women’s soccer camps

Are girls soccer camps worth it? 

Yes, college soccer ID camps are considered the primary evaluative tool used by college soccer coaches. They allow you to work on your game year-round. This gives you a competitive edge in the recruiting process. They’re designed to get you comfortable on the field, work hard and develop new skills – all while having fun in the process. All camps provide athletes with specialized training and experienced coaches, while some give athletes direct exposure to college coaches. Because coaches attend a small number of off-campus events to evaluate athletes, it’s important for athletes to take advantage of these recruiting event that gain exposure and stand out from the crowd.

What are the best women’s soccer ID camps?

Looking for the best women’s soccer ID camps near you? Check out our list of the top 5 soccer ID camps below: 

Future 500 ID Camp 
Nike Soccer Camps  
US Sports Camps 
Barca Residency Academy 
IMG Academy Soccer Camps 

When can you go to a girls soccer camp? 

General soccer camps are hosted year-round, so athletes can find which best fits with their schedule. College soccer ID camps are typically held in the spring or summer when coaches have more time to focus on recruiting. Pay attention to the NCAA recruiting calendar to know when coaches can and cannot attend events.  

Attend soccer camps in the spring and summer months for college recruiting.

What is a soccer ID camp? 

If you want to play women’s college soccer (or better yet – earn a scholarship offer!), you’ll need to find opportunities to get in front of college coaches. A soccer ID camp is one of the best ways to do this. The “ID” stands for identification. So, as the name implies, soccer ID camps are designed to help college coaches identify talent.  

College soccer ID camps come in all shapes and sizes. They can be hosted by college coaches on the campus of their university, or various youth soccer programs on a neutral location where multiple college coaches can work as instructors and attend as spectators.  

What can you expect at a women’s soccer ID camp? 

You’ll participate in a series of intense soccer drills that test their athleticism and skill. They will also have an opportunity to compete against other players in game situations. Typically, you’ll stay overnight or travel to the location for three to four days. However, there are shorter camps available, known as soccer ID clinics, that only last one or two days. The top 5 skills you will learn at a soccer camp are: ball control, dribbling, shooting, passing and receiving, and decision making.

Top 5 skills to learn at soccer camp

Why do colleges host soccer ID camps?  

Colleges host ID camps for two reasons. The first is to bring top recruits to campus. The second is the make money for their program. This can make it confusing to know which category you fall into. Before you attend a college ID camp ask yourself, have they seen me play before? Have they showed interest in me as a potential recruit? If a coach has seen you play live and is recruiting you, chances are you will receive a personalized email or phone call from the coach asking you to come to camp. 

Do college coaches prefer to recruit from women’s soccer ID camps? 

Over the past few years, college coaches have experienced a lot of unforeseen changes happening in their sport, including cuts to recruiting budgets and limited access to live competition. That means coaches need to rely on more events that bring the talent to them.  

Now, soccer ID camps are far from new to the soccer world. But they’ve become more and more popular for women’s college soccer coaches to find and evaluate prospective student-athletes. College coaches want to see how a player responds to their coaching style and by hosting an ID camp, both the player and coach gain valuable insight into whether they’ll be a good match.  

What can you do to get noticed at a soccer ID camp? 

Athletes attend soccer ID camps with one goal in mind: to get recruited. Which means, you’ll need to do more than just show up on the first day of camp to get a coach’s attention. Follow these steps before, during and after a soccer ID camp to increase your chances of getting recruited.  

Before camp: 

During camp:  

After camp: 

What happens at a soccer ID camp?

Soccer ID camps are designed to help college coaches identify talent. Athletes are asked to perform in a high level of competition as college coaches observe. Each ID camp is run different, especially those held on college campus where the coaching staff has full control over the day’s events. During an ID camp, athletes will have the opportunity to connect with college coaches and begin building a relationship. 

How much do soccer camps cost? 

Soccer camps can cost anywhere between $100 to $500 and sometimes over $1,000. The cost mostly depends on the length of stay and quality of the camp. Overnight camps can sometimes offer athletes with residential options to stay on campus. In this case, the fees will reflect a price that also covers their lodging and meals. The more “exclusive” a camp advertises, the more expensive it may be. If your budget is tight, try to limit the number of ID camps you attend to the college programs you’re interested in attending and know realistically where you can compete. 

What soccer camps should goalkeepers go to? 

Goalie at a soccer camp

Goalkeepers have a unique skillset that may or may not be addressed at a general soccer camp. When searching for camps, always read the camp description to find out what type of instruction or training there will be. To truly improve, goalkeepers need to be challenged in the right areas. If there is no mention of goalie specific training, don’t waste your time. Find camps that focus on the skills required to be successful in the goal. 

What are the top women’s soccer camps to attend?

Everyone’s recruiting journey is different. Which means there isn’t one soccer camp that is best for all. Athletes wanting to attend camps for college exposure should focus on soccer ID camps that have college coaches present. Athletes who want to work on their individual skill set can broaden their search. Always do your research to find out which soccer camp is best for your athlete.  

IMGA CampPass 2023 2400x600 Girl

IMG Academy girls soccer camps are available year-round for ages 10-18, and ages 9-18 for summer camps, with programs for everyone from the novice athlete to the aspiring pro. As the largest and most innovative leader in athletic and performance development, IMG has hosted MLS and professional training camps and friendlies as well as top youth national programs. Now you have a chance to train there, too. 

Here are some of the top women’s soccer camps for high school girls to attend:   


If you’re looking to work on your soccer tricks, get evaluated as a potential recruit and explore a college campus, women’s soccer ID camps are a great recruiting event option. With an NCSA Recruiting profile you can receive and respond to college camp invites. Create a FREE profile today!

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