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Clemson Football Recruiting

Learn more about Clemson football recruiting from football recruiting experts at NCSA.

The Clemson Tigers football team is one of the most prestigious and respected in the country. It has claimed national championships at the ends of the 2016 and 2018 seasons to go with the one that the school’s 1981 squad won. As a result of those accolades and everything else that it has going for it, a significant number of highly skilled high school student-athletes are interested in Clemson football recruiting and have goals of becoming Clemson commits.

Another Clemson football recruiting point that impresses Clemson recruiting prospects is how dominant the Clemson football team has been in Atlantic Coast Conference play. It won the conference in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, compiling a 30-2 ACC record to go with a 55-4 overall mark during those four years. The Tigers are also known for its 81,500-seat Memorial Stadium, which is known as “Death Valley.”

Clemson University, was founded in 1889 and currently has an enrollment of 24,000 students, 19,000 of those being undergraduate students. It’s situated in the city of Clemson, which is in northwestern South Carolina. It’s also an academically prestigious university as the Clemson acceptance rate is 47%. Some of its most respected academic departments include but are not limited to agricultural sciences, nursing, architecture, education, business, engineering and design. The school is also proud of its military history.

Of course, those who successfully navigate the Clemson football recruiting process become a part of this program’s impressive history. The first Clemson football season was in 1896, and since then, the school has compiled more than 700 wins, including 20 bowl victories. Also, many of the school’s traditions are football related. These include the team running down “The Hill” at the Clemson football stadium prior to games.

Clemson also sponsors 18 other varsity teams, and Clemson recruiting for all of them is intense. Its most successful one is its football program with its three national titles. Additionally, Clemson’s men’s soccer squad claimed national championships in 1984 and 1987, and the school’s men’s golf team added to the school’s trophy case in 2003.

Clemson football

The Clemson Tigers compete in the NCAA Division I level in all sports with that classification further subdivided in D1 football with Clemson in the Football Bowl Subdivision. These are the college football teams that play in the largest stadiums and have their games regularly broadcast on television. Locally, Clemson has been a member of the ACC ever since it was founded by seven schools that left the Southern Conference in 1953. The league has historically been comprised of schools from the South Atlantic Region, but it now also includes universities based in the Northeast and, with the exception of football, the Midwest.

Clemson football recruiting

Several impressive resources provide information on the Clemson football recruiting class and Clemson football news. One option is ESPN Clemson football recruiting. Of course, news on Clemson football recruiting on ESPN is often also broadcast on that channel. Some other options include 247 Sports and Rivals Clemson football recruiting. Note that “Tiger Illustrated” is the name of the Rivals Clemson football recruiting page. Also make sure to check out TigerNet, which is “The Source for Clemson Sports Information,” for details on Clemson football recruiting news and other news related to the team.

Get more information about Clemson football recruiting from football recruiting experts at NCSA.

Clemson football recruiting targets should also make sure to regularly consult the team’s official website. There, you can find official information that has been released by the school, including Clemson football scores, schedules and stats. This is not the best place for Clemson football recruiting news as the school can only report on signings after they’ve been made official, but it offers a tremendous amount of other information about the program. The NCAA website is a useful news resource as well; one of the pieces of information that it offers are all of the top-25 polls in one place.

Clemson recruiting

The Clemson football recruiting class has been in the top 10 nationally on an annual basis for some time, and that’s expected to continue for the foreseeable future as the Clemson football coaches look to utilize the Clemson football scholarships that they have to offer in the most productive way possible. As a result, the program is expected to continue to be amongst the nation’s best for years to come.

What does it generally take to be involved with Clemson football recruiting as players and to be offered Clemson football scholarships? A number of factors play roles at this level. Football recruiters spend time assessing the football-specific skills of the Clemson football recruits who they are considering adding to their program. You will want to be amongst the nation’s best in order to stand out to Clemson football coaches.

However, that’s not the only thing that Clemson football scouts assess as they will also look at things such as your demeanor on and off the field – how well you respond to challenges, especially unexpected ones – and your academic achievements and likelihood to succeed academically at Clemson. You will also want to show those overseeing Clemson University football recruiting that you’re ready to take on the demands of college football, which generally involves a lot more work than you’re used to as compared to your time playing high school ball.

Clemson football

Clemson football is known for its up-tempo spread offense, and the Clemson quarterback tends to throw the ball to a variety of wide receivers and other members of the Clemson offense. Any Clemson football recruiting targets that play that position should have the necessary skills to join this type of offense. Meanwhile, the Clemson defense is an intriguing blend of being complex and straightforward. This is because most of the plays that the Clemson football coaches run are either split safety and single-high plays, but each of the individual plays is pretty intricate. The school’s kicking game and special teams are strong as well. Most notably, 2018 Clemson kicker Greg Huegel has been known to be cool under pressure and finished his career with more than 300 points.

Clemson football players in the NFL

There are currently 36 former Clemson players in the NFL while the university has had about 250 players make the transition from Clemson football recruit to Clemson player to playing in the NFL on Sundays. The first Clemson Tiger to be drafted was Don Willis, who went to the New York Giants in 1939.

At least three Clemson players have been drafted every year since 2009 while the 2016 team had nine players drafted, including four in the first two rounds. At least one Clemson Tiger completed the transition from Clemson football recruiting prospect to being drafted in the first round every year from 2013-17.

Clemson traditions

Some of the things that Clemson football recruits are told by Clemson recruiters with pride, are the many traditions that the school has. Players running down “The Hill” may be the most famous, but it’s far from the only one. One that’s related to that moment is Howard’s Rock, which was placed atop “The Hill” in 1966 and quickly became the focus of players who rub it for luck as they run down. Also, the Clemson band plays “Tiger Rag” and “Tiger Fanfare” multiple times a game while the team’s tiger mascot entertains the fans as well.

Read about about Clemson football recruiting from football recruiting experts at NCSA.

Additionally, one of the more special moments of the football season that former Clemson recruiting commits get to enjoy is the First Friday Parade. This celebration of the new campaign is held on the Friday that precedes the first home game. Of course, the homecoming game is of special importance to both current students and Clemson alumni. This is associated with a different home contest, usually one that’s played in the middle of the season.

Clemson recruiting targets should also consider visiting Riggs Field. The current home to Clemson’s powerhouse men’s and women’s soccer teams is the former home to the school’s football squad, which played there from 1915-41.

In 1942, the team moved into Memorial Stadium, which has been the focus of Clemson football recruiting efforts ever since as Clemson recruiting staff members promote their home. The facility’s capacity started out at 20,500 before nearly doubling to 40,000 in 1958. Significant capacity increases in 1978 and 1983 followed, and it’s been at around 81,500 since 1991. The largest crowd to see a game here – 86,092 – witnessed a 3-3 Clemson squad battle No. 1 Florida State tough in a 17-14 loss on Oct. 23, 1999.

College football recruiting

The world of college football scholarships is a complex one, and it can take some time to determine to get to the signings of  National Letter of Intent. Also consider D2, D3, NAIA and junior college teams, and do take into account that only a small percentage of high school football players move on to play college ball anywhere.

In order to be intimately involved with Clemson recruiting as well as with the recruiting efforts of other teams, it’s important to understand everything that goes into the process. Look at which schools offer the sport, consider taking part in camps, showcases and combines, create highlights videos that catch

As far as the scholarships that Clemson football recruiting staff members may offer go, note that the school is limited to 85, and that these are full scholarships. In other words, football coaches cannot divvy up scholarships, giving half to one player and half to another as can be done in other sports. This number is also not enough to award one to every player on the squad, so many who are offered spots by Clemson football recruiting staff may be walk-on players hoping for a scholarship offer later.

Do also get an idea of what is expected of you on the football field. For example, if you’re looking to be a quarterback for an FBS school, you probably should be around 6’2″ in height, weigh around 207 pounds, be a multiple-year varsity starter and have earned all-state honors. Specific skills should include being able to execute the back-shoulder throw, being able to throw the deep out route and having enough strength and accuracy to throw through the goalpost from the opposite 40-yard line. Those involved with Clemson football recruiting efforts will likely expect more.

Review Clemson football recruiting from football recruiting experts at NCSA.


Like any major college football program, the Clemson football recruiting process can be a challenging one as Clemson recruiting targets attempt to both place themselves in the most positive light possible and determine if this is the best fit. This not only includes the team’s style of play and team culture but also what the university and the local community has to offer. Will this place be one that presents both a sense of comfortability and one that also offers tremendous growth potential on and off the field?

NCSA has offered that assistance to student-athletes for almost most college programs. It was founded in 2000 by Chris Krause, who experienced more difficulty than he had hoped for while navigating the recruiting process himself in the 1980s before landing at Vanderbilt University and playing football for the Commodores. Currently, about 25,000 NCSA athletes commit to a college to play sports every year. The NCSA network is also comprised of 35,000 coaches who are focused on finding the best fits for their programs. Many on both sides have reported being pleased with the services that they were provided by NCSA. In fact, the organization has received an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars by Google Reviews.

If you’re looking to play football at Clemson or to join any other college sports team and would like assistance as you make your way through the process, Fill out your free football recruiting profile with NCSA today and get the ball rolling. If you have any questions while doing so or in relation to what we offer, give us a call at 866 495-5172. We’ll be glad to help you.

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