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Top 5 reasons you should join NCSA

  1. Team up with the national leader in recruiting: 82% of college programs have had an NCSA athlete on their roster.
  2. Get recruiting exposure: Connect with 50,000+ college coaches across 34 sports.
  3. Find more schools: Discover colleges and see their team roster openings.
  4. Get help when you need it: Access online training and get answers from recruiting experts.
  5. Track college coach activity: See which coaches are looking at your profile.

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How NCSA helps

“NCSA helped me with a lot of different aspects in the whole college recruiting process. The webinars were some good tutorials that taught me how to leverage scholarships, leverage interests from different programs.”

– Jake Bailey, D1 and NFL Punter

Stanford University and New England Patriots

Jake Bailey, D1 and NFL punter, Stanford University and New England Patriots

Scott Fuller, Parent D1 Women's Volleyball Player, University of San Diego

“Being a Division 1 volleyball player for a headcount sport, NCSA provided us with the ability for my daughter to finance her own education and come out of college with no student debt.”

– Scott Fuller, Parent D1 Women’s Volleyball Player

University of San Diego

“I would recommend NCSA for numerous reasons. But one would be just that as a high school kid, as a sophomore or junior, you’re young, you’re inexperienced, you don’t really know what direction to take. And NCSA is a great tool to use to learn what you want in life and where you want to go, what you want to play, how big you can go and how you can do that.”

– Lincoln Feist, D1 Football Player

University of Notre Dame

Lincoln Feist, D1 Football Player, University of Notre Dame