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Anthony Tommasi, Senior Recruiting Coach at NCSA

Anthony Tommasi, Senior Recruiting Coach

University of Richmond
[email protected]
(312) 429-4720

I have experienced a lot of soccer in my career, both as a player and a collegiate coach. As a player, I was an All-American at the high school level; I played ODP in Region I; and I was fortunate to realize my own dream of playing NCAA Division I men’s soccer at the University of Richmond. As a coach, I moved up through the ranks from high school coaching, to premier club coaching, to assisting at the collegiate level and, finally, being a head coach at the college level. All told, I’ve been involved with collegiate coaching for over 20 years at the NCAA Division I or III levels. I’ve been on the ODP Region I & III staffs, as well as a state ODP coach in six states.

I recently left college coaching and contacted NCSA. My goal in joining forces with NCSA is to help the newest generation of student-athletes to achieve their dreams of playing in college. During my time as a college coach, I utilized the NCSA service because it gave me the best breakdown of student-athletes in both academics and athletics and, as a result, I was able to sign several players to my programs. I am very familiar with the NCAA recruiting rules, especially as it concerns academic eligibility. I am committed to helping each student-athlete and their families to find the best college fit, and achieve their goal of playing collegiate soccer.