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Beau Gleason, Recruiting Coach at NCSA

Beau Gleason, Recruiting Coach

University of Washington
[email protected]
(312) 429-4741

I started in football at the high school level, where I quickly fell in love with the game and what it could offer to both athletes and coaches. While I did not ultimately pursue the opportunity to continue playing in college, staying close to the game was very important for me, and thus I pursued a career in scouting and recruiting at the University of Washington, where I completed my undergrad.

In my time at UW, I worked hand-in-hand with three different coaching staffs, all of which provided unique perspectives and backgrounds that I am grateful to have learned from. I joined NCSA because I wanted to be able to connect with student athletes one-on-one and help coach them through this process as they take these crucial steps in reaching the next stages of their career. Being able to make a difference in the lives of each family I speak with is a big motivator for me, as I know how exciting yet daunting this process can be and be and I want to offer support in any way I can.