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Brandon Smith, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Brandon Smith, Recruiting Coordinator

[email protected]
(872) 266-1899

Being the oldest of 3 boys, competition has been with me from young. I played travel basketball and even two years of high school basketball, being a focused competitor on and off the court. My family pushed for me to focus solely on education so I never played on the collegiate level, but my love for the game never went away. I decided to pursue any way that I would be able to help the youth pursue an athletic career, firstly by coaching basketball on the recreational level then later travel basketball. That ultimately led me to NCSA, working with athletes who participate in all collegiate sports.

My favorite part of working with NCSA is being apart of a team that will always support me. I am really happy to collaborate efforts to pursue goals so its been a privilege to work alongside such a great group of individuals. I’m motivated and excited to improve the lives of others whilst setting an example for my peers.