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David DePalma, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

David DePalma, Recruiting Coordinator

Sacred Heart University
[email protected]
(312) 638-4802

I was born and raised in Bethel, Connecticut where I grew infatuated with sports and the competition that came along with it. I attended a four-year college program at Sacred Heart University where I achieved a double major in sports management and marketing. Then, proceeded to continue my education at Sacred Heart and earned my MBA while being able to stay heavily involved in athletics. However, unlike the majority of college athletes, I did not play for the Division 1 team. I played on the Club Football team where I was a 3 year Captain and in 2022 was named 2nd team All-American for the running back position. In addition, I also played on the club lacrosse team during my time at SHU. In high school, I was the captain of the lacrosse team my senior year and played 4 years of football and lacrosse.

I have always been very passionate about two things, sports and helping others. Working for NCSA provides the opportunity for me to help athletes fulfill their dreams of playing their designated sport at the collegiate level. Sports have always played a major role in my life and have taught me many valuable lessons that I apply to multiple aspects of life. Experiencing this first hand, I know how much of a positive impact sports can have and want to return the favor. Through NCSA, I can make a difference in someone’s life which is extremely rewarding and inspiring. I am eager and excited to assist the next generation of athletes in accomplishing their goals and setting them up for a promising future.