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Frederick Purpora, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Frederick Purpora, Recruiting Coordinator

Binghamton University
[email protected]
(872) 266-7168

Ever since I could remember I have always had a deep passion for sports. From an early age, I played a variety of sports such as football, basketball, and baseball. However, a huge turning point in my life was when I moved to Florence, Italy for a year as a young child and discovered my love for the sport of tennis. After moving back to New York in fifth grade, I became very passionate about the idea of playing tennis in college in which I was always obsessed with trying to find ways to improve my game. Year round I would spend my free time training at the local tennis center with my coach, as well as travel to tournaments every other weekend. This desire to improve ultimately allowed me to achieve my goals which included winning the area title for Maine-Endwell High School and playing college tennis at St. Lawrence University.

While getting to play college tennis was one of the best experiences of my life, I decided to transfer to Binghamton University for academic reasons in which I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the field of English in 2022. After graduating from Binghamton University, I was fortunate enough to land a job with NCSA as an Inside Sales Coordinator. As someone who experienced difficulties with recruiting myself, realizing the importance of what NCSA does for student athletes was crucial in my desire to become a part of the NCSA team. Being able to help high schoolers who were in a similar spot that I was in when I was younger when it comes to getting recruiting is as fulfilling as it gets and makes me super proud to be working where I am! In my free time I love walking my dog Thriller, spending time with my family, and watching the Los Angeles Chargers!