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Jacob Goodreau, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Jacob Goodreau, Recruiting Coordinator

Boston College
[email protected]
(872) 895-0525

I am a former division 1 baseball player from Boston College. I was a member of the team for all four years, and then went on to coach baseball at the high school level.

In high school, NCSA was a recruiting tool I am happy to say I used quite often and to come back and be apart of the team that helped me achieve my goals is very special to me! I enjoyed my time in the recruiting process, and through coaching at the high school level I saw just exactly how rewarding of a feeling it is to help those kids achieve their goals. This led me into joining the NCSA team in hopes that I can continue to help all types of student athletes achieve their goals.

In addition to my role as Recruiting Coordinator, I continue to coach baseball as a private lessons instructor for high schoolers down to elementary school kids. Coaching is certainly something I never see myself getting out of!

I currently live in Southwick, Massachusetts