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Neil Ford , Recruiting Specialist  at NCSA

Neil Ford , Recruiting Specialist

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(312) 579-2524

Growing up, I played every sport imaginable, but basketball was always my favorite sport and one of my goals was to play basketball at the college level. During my high school career, I did not have anyone to advise me about the recruiting process and with my lack of knowledge, it was frustrating to find any college coach that was interested in talking with me. Because of this, I did not have any scholarship offers and my dreams of becoming a college basketball player went by the wayside. Even though my playing career had ended, I still had a desire to be a part of the game so after college, I began to coach at the high school and club level. I now have over 16 years of coaching experience working with hundreds of student-athletes. One of the most rewarding parts about coaching is seeing former players graduate from high school and commit to colleges, starting the next chapter in their lives as young adults.

Besides having a passion for sports, I also have a desire to help people achieve their goals in life. Working for NCSA allows me the opportunity to assist student-athletes and their families by educating and navigating them through the recruiting process. Helping to create a plan for their success and to maximize their opportunity is my number one goal.

When I am not helping NCSA student-athletes and their families, I spend most of the time with my family. My wife, Jill and I have four sons, Alex, Westin, Tucker, and Beckett and they keep us very busy. Being sports “junkies”, we all love to spend time playing and watching sports together. All four of our sons enjoy competition and because of that, we usually spend most of our free time either at the gym or ball fields and I wouldn’t have it any other way!