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Nicole Provost, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Nicole Provost, Recruiting Coordinator

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Before moving to the East coast of Florida after graduation, I was born and raised in the Northeast, Massachusetts and New Hampshire to be exact. I am a diehard Boston Bruins fan and can usually be found at my nearest rink or signing up for my next Disney run!

Growing up, my parents were very focused on getting me outside and keeping me as active as possible. Our weekends consisted of things like bike rides through Massachusetts and Cape Cod’s beautiful and scenic “Rail Trails,” hiking Mt. Wachusett, exploring Purgatory Chasm, taking walks around Lake Quinsig and so on. Beyond that, we had one “rule” that has stuck with me ever since – I always had to participate in a sport. They gave me the freedom to choose and try whatever sport I wanted to satisfy this rule and as the years went on, I had explored and competed in quite the variety of activities ranging from years of horseback riding in elementary and middle school to cheerleading in middle and high school and eventually ice hockey in the tail end of my high school career.

I am grateful for the push, encouragement and support my parents gave me to pursue whatever sport I had my heart set on, as well as for the values that came with it – from the importance of teamwork, lessons on how to be an effective leader, the power of a positive attitude, how to win and how to lose, the reward of pushing yourself to go that extra mile, the list goes on. I love sports because, while we love the sport itself, they go so far beyond “just the game.” They are universal and they bring people together. They’re about community, invaluable life lessons and the opportunities for growth both on and off the field as people and as athletes.

Although I was not able to pursue any of “my” sports at a collegiate level, whether it is on the ice playing in my local adult rec league or running through town training for a race, I still hold the “love for the game” close to my heart – and sometimes in the form of a medal around my neck!

My goal is to help families realize that their sports community goes far beyond their home field, court ice, track, etc. and that we are here to help them, and their student athlete(s) navigate and maximize their athletic careers on and off the field!