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Ryan Gleason, Senior Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Ryan Gleason, Senior Recruiting Coordinator

[email protected]
(872) 246-1894

I hope to encourage student athletes to follow their dreams by helping them find the best college fit for their future career while also participating in their favorite sport. I am from a small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Sports were an important part of my childhood and I cherish the memories I have of my years on the baseball and football fields. Playing college sports was a desire of mine, but my chances of playing were limited due to injuries.

Sharing my love of sports is important to me. For the past ten years, I have devoted several hours volunteering to be the head coach for teams in our communities baseball and basketball youth programs. Teaching the importance of teamwork, respect, and fundamentals was a focus of my instruction.

I have four boys that are actively involved in sports. It is very likely you will find my wife and I watching them play football, basketball, baseball, cross-country running, and track on any given evening. My older two boys have been involved in AAU basketball and my younger two were recently selected to play on the little league all-star baseball team. I have enjoyed watching them grow up watching college-athletes, hoping to someday be like them.

My goal is to help families understand the recruiting process. Someone’s lack of understanding should not get in the way of their dreams of pursuing college sports. NCSA is devoted to helping those realities come true.