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Tucker Beland, Senior Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Tucker Beland, Senior Recruiting Coordinator

Western Michigan University
[email protected]
(872) 282-8099

I attended Western Michigan University for four years, graduating with my Bachelor of Science in sports management and minor in business administration. I did not play any sports teams at WMU but was heavily involved in aspects such as working game operations with the Athletic Facilities or fan engagement with the Sports Marketing department. Prior to college I played basketball and volleyball at Grand Haven High School. I decided to focus on academics in college but always had dreams of playing basketball at the college level.

My passion for working at NCSA comes from the love of all sports and being able to inform and help student athletes live out their own dreams of continuing their athletic careers in college. NCSA has been the perfect work opportunity for me not only to showcase my love and knowledge of a variety of sports, but also being able to help change the lives of the next generation of student athletes. I look forward to helping with the recruiting process!