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Zowie Tucker, Senior Recruiting Specialist at NCSA

Zowie Tucker, Senior Recruiting Specialist

University of Massachusetts - Amherst
[email protected]
(312) 429-4788

I joined the NCSA team to help student-athletes and families navigate through the complex world of collegiate recruiting, to help them achieve their goals in finding the right schools that will enable them to succeed academically and athletically and also to find the best environment for them socially and culturally to continue to develop as a person. I also have the privilege of staying close to my coaching peers who also need support in building winning programs and finding the right ingredients to help them to succeed in the competitive world of college sports.

As an All-American Division I athlete, I was fortunate to have a very positive experience with tremendous support from teammates and coaches that taught me many life lessons. The traits I have developed through sports, such as work ethic, determination, drive and compassion, have stayed with me and have become a part of who I am today and what I hope to share with the young people I work with. Being part of a college team and working toward a common goal offers you skills you will embrace and carry forward into your future career.

As a former Division I head coach and associate head coach, I can provide a unique perspective to families and help them understand what is needed to be successful in the recruiting process. The decision in choosing the right school can have a huge impact on the start of a student-athlete’s journey while balancing diversity and managing different personality traits and leadership styles. It gives me tremendous pride knowing that families can benefit from my experience and have a greater understanding on why it is important to be proactive, rather than reactive, to the recruiting process and finding their best fit.