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How to Use TikTok to Get Recruited

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Welcome to TikTok, the newest and hottest social media craze for Gen Z users. The platform’s complex algorithm pushes a variety of short-form videos related to a user’s interest. It’s quickly becoming the leading social media platform for trends, influencers, and niche content. Many athletes are starting to wonder how to use TikTok to get recruited. While we don’t think TikTok will replace Twitter or Instagram in the college recruiting game entirely, colleges are starting to engage with the platform to better connect with today’s generation. Athletes already active on TikTok should take advantage of the opportunities to monetize their personal brand and gain exposure to college coaches.

Do coaches look at TikTok? 

While college coaches haven’t fully made the transition to using TikTok in college recruiting as a reliable means to recruit student-athletes, they are paying attention. There are currently over 1 billion monthly active TikTok account users worldwide, 46% of those users are between the ages of 16-24 – the sweet spot for prospective and current student-athletes.  

TikTok video can be shared across multiple social media outlets, including Twitter and Instagram. Even if a coach doesn’t have a TikTok account, they are hearing about popular trends and watching TikTok viral videos in some capacity. The same guidelines for social media behavior apply to how athletes can use TikTok for recruiting. Not all trends are suitable for prospective recruits to engage.

What to include in your TikTok bio 

Coaches and athletes are still learning how to use TikTok in college recruiting. But that doesn’t mean athletes shouldn’t set their TikTok profile up for recruiting success. You want it to be easy for college coaches to find your TikTok account. Just like Twitter and Instagram, make sure your bio includes the following information for college recruiting: 

TikTok viral videos and how athletes get noticed by coaches 

Can you go viral on TikTok? Yes. Anyone has the potential to go viral on TikTok, that’s what makes it so appealing to users. All it takes is one TikTok video post to get noticed by the right number of users. It’s never too early for student-athletes to start thinking about building a personal brand.  

In fact, there have already been many high school student-athletes who have become TikTok sensations. A high school football player gained 1 million followers overnight after a video of his team lip-syncing to Justin Bieber went viral. Use these guidelines to help build your TikTok presence and go viral in college recruiting:   

Can college athletes make money from TikTok? With the NCAA’s recent Name, Image and Likeness bylaws, athletes could potentially secure future endorsement opportunities and monetize their brand with a big enough following on social media. It’s important for athletes to understand how and when they can capitalize on NIL opportunities, so they do not risk losing eligibility.

Should athletes use TikTok hashtags? 

Absolutely! If anything, hashtags are the key to how athletes can use TikTok for recruiting or go viral. Just like Twitter and Instagram, TikTok hashtags help users share and find related content. They are used to build niche communities on TikTok for users to join conversations about the topics that interest them.  

Student-athletes looking to use TikTok in college recruiting should include TikTok hashtags specifically related to their sport. Coaches can login, search for a specific hashtag and soon they’ll be scrolling through hundreds and thousands of TikTok video content related to their search.  

There is no limit as to how many TikTok hashtags you can use. The more, the better. Each hashtag used will expose your video to more users. But you are only allowed 100 characters, so there needs to be a little strategy when it comes to your caption. Do your research to find out which hashtags are currently trending for your sport or college recruiting and apply those to your videos.

Follow professional athletes on Tiktok 

Do you have a favorite athlete? Consider following them on TikTok to gain inspiration for your own content and TikTok video ideas. Many professional, former, and current student-athletes are actively using TikTok to be a resource for high school athletes as they go through the recruiting process.  

Ok, they also post fun and entertaining content too! Athletes can find great advice on workouts, what it’s like to be a college athlete and more. Check out this list of popular Olympic athletes to follow on TikTok.

Summary: How to get recruited on TikTok 

TikTok in college recruiting is still figuring out its place. You should not rely on or expect your TikTok account will be the only, or best, way to get recruited by college coaches. But it’s encouraged to learn how athletes can use TikTok for recruiting appropriately since coaches are starting to pay more attention to the platform.  Student-athletes can take advantage of the opportunities TikTok presents to monetize their personal brand and gain exposure to college coaches through video.

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