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Softball Camps: Everything You Need to Know

Softball camps offer the opportunity to put your skills and talents to the test in front of the very people you need to impress, college coaches. You may be wondering, how do I find softball camps near me? NCSA has compiled a list of college softball camps across the country. Use NCSA’s list below to find a softball camp near you. You can get answers to top questions about softball camps or search all softball recruiting events here.

Find softball camps near you

237 results
University of Dallas
Calendar icon Jun 11, 2023 Jun 15, 2023
Irving, TX
Ages / Grade Level: 8yr – 18yr
Division: NCAA D3
$575 – $715
University of Dallas
Calendar icon Jun 11, 2023 Jun 15, 2023
Irving, TX
Ages / Grade Level: 8yr – 18yr
Division: NCAA D3
$575 – $715
University of St. Thomas – Minnesota
Calendar icon Jun 12, 2023 Jun 12, 2023
Saint Paul, MN
Ages / Grade Level: 7th – 12th
Division: NCAA D1
College Sports Evaluation
Calendar icon Jun 12, 2023 Jun 12, 2023
Chino Hills, CA
College Sports Evaluation
Calendar icon Jun 12, 2023 Jun 12, 2023
Chino Hills, CA

Did you know that college coaches can send you camp invites directly through NCSA?

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Top questions about softball camps  

How do softball camps help you get recruited? 

Simply attending a camp isn’t going to get you recruited. What you do before, during and after the camp work together as a tool to aid your recruiting process. Always notify a college coach before attending a camp. After the camp, send a follow-up email to thank the coach and let me know you’re interested in their program. 

How do you choose the right softball camps? 

Before attending a camp, research what schools on your top 25 list are offering a softball camp. From that list, have any programs shown interest in you as a recruit? These are the college camps you will most want to consider. From there, determine which camps work best in your schedule and budget. 

If you’re an underclassman, select camps that offer the best skill development and training techniques in the areas that you wish to grow. 

What should you do before, during and after camp? 

Once you’ve determined which camp(s) to attend, reach out to the coaching staff and let them know you plan to attend. Coaches will make note of this and look for you during the camp session. Keep in mind that they may not be able to respond to your email due to NCAA contact rules.  

To stand out during a camp, put your best foot forward playing on the field and in the dugout supporting other athletes. Remember, coaches don’t just evaluate athletic talent, they are also looking for coachable athletes. 

After the camp, send a follow-up email thanking the coaching staff. Mention what you learned from the camp program and how you look forward to putting your new skills to use during the upcoming season. 

When is the best time to attend a softball camp? 

If you’re looking to gain exposure, it’s best to attend camps near the end of your high school season or during the summer, when you’re in competition shape. If you’re focused on skill development, attending a camp during the off-season is a great way to stay in shape and prepare for the upcoming season. Below is a breakdown of camps by season. 

Fall softball camps 

Fall softball camps are best suited for underclassmen looking for fundamental and technique training. Upperclassmen looking to impress college coaches should attend summer camps when they are fully conditioned. 

Winter softball camps 

Much like fall camps, college camps held in the off-season are most valuable for technical development. These camps are often during winter break or Christmas break and hosted indoors.  

Winter softball camps can be a great way to get back into training after taking a break following the end of fall ball. For unsigned seniors, these camps are a last chance opportunity to play in front of college coaches who still have unfilled roster spots. 

Summer softball camps 

Summer softball camps provide the best opportunity for athletes to be evaluated by college coaches. Athletes are out of school and have fewer scheduling conflicts during this time. To make the most out of your camp experience, a good rule of thumb is to attend a camp at a college where the coach has previously shown some interest. 

What should you expect at softball camps? 

Most softball camps follow a similar format: Check in and introductions, group warm-up, rotational skills and drills groups, and gameplay.

softball camps format and what to expect

College camps are generally run by the program’s coaching staff and current players. During the camp, you will be evaluated and receive feedback on areas of improvement. Some camps bring together college coaches from various programs. This increases your opportunity for exposure to more than one coach. 

Who attends camps? 

Most instructional camps are open to all softball players. This is especially true for college camps, which are generally a source of revenue for programs. A small percentage of colleges will host invite-only camps for top recruits to visit campus for an evaluation. 

What’s the difference between day and overnight camps? 

We outline some of the differences between these types of camps below and why you may attend one versus the other. 

the difference between softball day and overnight camps

Day camps  

Most day camps run three to five hours per day over the span of a few days to an entire week. To keep cost and travel time low, we suggest attending camps near your home. Day camps tend to be less expensive than overnight camps. 

Overnight camps  

Overnight baseball camps combine the experience of staying on campus and attending a camp. These camps give athletes a full day of activities. Overnight baseball camps span one to three weeks. 

Are there other types of softball camps? 

Softball prospect camps 

Softball prospect camps allow athletes to work closely with and compete in front of college coaches. Prospect camps are usually offered as one-day camps. Benefits of attending a prospect camp include:  

Position-specific camps 

If you want to focus on position-specific skills, you’ll find value in attending these camps. Available for all softball positions, these camps feature a variety of technical drills, gameplay and competition drills. The most common skill focused camps are:  

Third-party softball camps 

Hosted outside organizations, these camps offer exposure to a large group of college coaches that travel to attend. Hundreds of athletes participate. This means it’s unrealistic to expect a coach to evaluate every athlete on the field. These camps are typically more expensive than other camps. 

IMGA CampPass 2023 2400x600 Girl

IMG Academy offers performance camps led by industry-leading coaches who have experience developing some of the world’s most elite athletes. No matter a camper’s sport, these group training sessions are geared towards an athlete’s individual needs and feature IMG’s revolutionary training curriculum that’s been proven for over 40 years.

Training will be inclusive of strength and conditioning, leadership and communication, mental toughness, and more. All performance campers will receive a post-camp analysis report inclusive of coach feedback and comprehensive metrics.

What are the best softball camps for exposure? 

The best camp to attend is based on your personal recruiting process. If your main goal is to receive more exposure, select a camp hosted by a college that has shown some interest in you. If you’re a young softball recruit looking to develop your skillset, find a camp close to home to focus on improving your technique. Some of the best softball camps are: 

How much does it cost to attend a college softball camp? 

Camps vary in cost from $100+ for half-day camps to $2,000+ for multi-day overnight softball camps. If attending a camp doesn’t fit into your budget, here are some alternatives. 

alternatives to camps: create a skills video, 1:1 coach time, college coach digital communication
  1. Create skills video. Take the drills that you would perform in a camp setting and film yourself doing these on a local field or in your backyard. This allows coaches to make their initial evaluation of recruits without either of you having to travel far. 
  2. Get 1:1 time with your high school/club coach. Reach out to your high school or club coach to see if they can give you some 1:1 training. Identify skills you want to work on and develop a training plan. 
  3. Communicate digitally with college coaches. Send the coaches on your target list an introductory email with a link to your skills video. This makes the evaluation process easy for the coach and gives athletes an excuse to connect with a college program on their top 25 list. 

Are softball camps worth it? 

The value of attending a camp depends on what you hope to achieve by attending. Camps provide athletes with:  

Attending a camp hosted by a school on your target list can help your recruiting process. Or you can attend third party camps where multiple college programs will be present. Just make sure programs on your target list of schools plan to attend.  


Softball camps are a great recruiting option if you want to work on your technique. Softball camps are also a great option if you want to get evaluated and explore college campuses. Remember to only attend camps at schools that you are interested in. To receive and respond to camp invites from college coaches, create a FREE recruiting profile today.

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