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Softball Combines: Are They Important for Recruiting?

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Attending a softball combine is a great way to collect verified measurements necessary to get recruited.  Find softball combines near you with our complete list below and get answers to top questions about softball combines

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Top 5 questions about softball combines 

What is a combine in softball? 

Softball combines are designed to help athletes collect verified measurements. These metrics help college coaches evaluate recruits. During a combine, athletes will collect basic measurements, including: height, weight, arm span, raw arm velocity, catcher pop times, pitching velocity, broad jump, 40-yard dash, and batted ball exit velocity.

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Why should you attend softball combines? 

Players can measure themselves against the national leaderboard, as well as the combine-specific leaderboard. This gives you an idea of where you rank amongst your peers and what softball programs are the best fit for your skillset

Popular softball combines: 

Do college coaches attend softball combines? 

College coaches typically don’t attend combines because they don’t include gameplay. Athletes should attend these events with the main purpose of getting verified numbers to add to their recruiting profile. 

How much do softball combines cost? 

Softball combines can cost anywhere from free to $200 per event to attend a combine. Athletes can find local and regional events to attend.  

What should you do after a softball combine? 

After a softball combine, athletes should take these 3 important steps: 

  1. Collect your verified numbers 
  2. Update your NCSA recruiting profile with your new combine numbers and measurements 
  3. Reach out to college coaches at programs you’re interested in to share your updated measurements. Don’t forget to include your skills video.


Combines are great for collecting verified measurements. If you’re looking to gain exposure and connect with college coaches, these events are not the best option. Don’t forget to upload your new stats to your NCSA Recruiting Profile after attending a combine. Don’t have one?

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